Liz Cheney: I Hereby Request a ‘Criminal Investigation’ Into Donald Trump

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Rep. Liz Cheney requests a criminal investigation into Donald Trump

RINO Liz Cheney has vowed to initiate a full-blown criminal investigation into former President Donald Trump over his alleged role in inciting the mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

Cheney’s announcement comes after she was unceremoniously kicked out from a position of party leadership over her obsession with Trump. reports: As Cheney put it to NBC:


At present, Trump is already under criminal investigation by local authorities in Manhattan over corruption issues at his family business, and he is also facing a criminal investigation from an Atlanta-area district attorney over his efforts to get Biden’s presidential election victory in Georgia overturned. In February, a spokesperson for the office of D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine confirmed that the team was “still examining potential prosecution against Trump for inciting violence related to the attack on January 6,” as summarized by a CNN report, and prior to that revelation, Racine had already stated that his office was “collaborating at a high level with federal prosecutors.”

As for Cheney, she has indicated that she does not intend to suddenly begin going along with Trump’s election lies, no matter the criticism for her position from fellow Republicans. After House Republicans removed her from party leadership on Wednesday, she said that she would be working diligently to help keep Trump from ever again regaining the presidency, if he decides to run for president again. At present, it’s unclear what Trump will choose, but pledging to campaign against him if he decides to go for it is a pretty blunt step!


  1. Republicans and Patriots should have immediately pushed back on the hype and hysteria about the Capital demonstrations. Instead they bought into it or stayed silent at the direct expense of their own supporters and base! Now they own it and the Democrats are laughing it up while profiteering from the hoax. Pelosi cheered the invasion of the Capital in Madison, Wisconsin.. she’s a liar and a hypocrite.

    • Agreed. It was all overblown. Not an insurrection, just some low level vandalism. The capitol police allowed it to happen.

      • Pelisi and that old man whose wifes family make billions from their shipping lines in China ,were both in charge of security She is still rhats why she can make them wear masks .She refused the officer I charges requests to tighten security to prevent the intrusion. The female shit to death was executed and she was led directly into it and I saw the footage The msm ignored it all BECAUSE it’s obvious she was set up to be executed and then swept under the rug as if nobody Nothing .It all stinks to high heaven of duplicity .Stinks And they’re all in it together at the highest levels .And ” the people are totally fooled ” Marilyn Monroe .

  2. She has an axe to grind because Trump spoke the truth about the Bush / Cheney criminal cabal. Liz is a lifelong criminal warmonger.

  3. This is the only way she can stay ‘relevant’ by becoming a darling of the radical left wing media. Jsut watch, she’ll be on the view next. LMFAO – what a pathetic loser.

  4. I hereby request a criminal investigation into her and her father based on the allegations printed widely and wide ve presented I written and audio and audio visual form in the public domain for decades now in Cathy OBriens ” tra.ceformation of Anerica ” She must have known what her father was doing to ha e taken on the role she has and so both need to be investigated for sexual.assault rape sodomy torture drug trafficking money laundering arms dealing and treason .The book has been in print for at least 20 years and they ,all in ot together try to just hide it and pretend no onrs seen it ,since they darent challenge it legally .And since they cant apparently ban it or sue them for defamation or ANYTHING else they do the usual just ignore it act and try to suppress it .

    • Tranceformation of America .Trance is spelled that way deliberately because of the way they have used drug trafficking to destroy Americans and the worlds people ,since the opium wars

  5. I agree with others, lets investigage Bush Cheney administration. They planned 911, and it was carried out by Israeli Mossad agents. The b thing.

  6. Theatrical deceits We know the elections will be rigged and they are all trying to make us believe it is all legit All in it together to deceive the world with their ” integrity “. Pigs arse .They dint have any They sold their souls for the unholy dollar long ago .Now they’re paid to carry on with the show .That’s all .To keep the sheep quiet believing in nonsense fairy stories of heroes and gallantry and morals .

  7. Dick Cheney is a warmonger and a mass murderer. His demonic spawn “Liz” is the one shoukd be investigated. Libs once considered Cheney the most evil, but since she attacks Trump, they love her.

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