Trump: I Will Abolish The Federal Reserve

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Donald Trump vows to abolish the Federal Reserve

Donald Trump has vowed to abolish the Federal Reserve and reinstate the gold standard when he enters the White House in January. 

One of Trump’s picks for the Treasury Department Secretary, John Allison, hinted that he will implement the gold standard when the current Federal Reserve Chief, Janet Yellen, retires in 2018. reports:

On the campaign trail, Trump often questioned the future of the Federal Reserve’s political independence. In line with these comments, Allison wants to abolish Federal Reserve all together and go back to the gold standard.

In fact, Allison takes that rhetoric one step further. While acting as the head of the Cato Institute, Allison published several thesis indicating that the Federal Reserve was obsolete and needed to be abolished as it restricts power from the people and allows billionaire cronies to run banks globally.

“I would get rid of the Federal Reserve because the volatility in the economy is primarily caused by the Fed,” Allison wrote in 2014 for the Cato Journal.

As an alternative, Allison argues that if we allow the market to regulate itself, it would be preferable to the Federal Reserve harming the stability of the financial system.

“When the Fed is radically changing the money supply, distorting interest rates, and over-regulating the financial sector, it makes rational economic calculation difficult,” Allison wrote. “Markets do form bubbles, but the Fed makes them worse.”

The United States never had a persistent, ongoing problem with inflation until the Federal Reserve was created in 1913. This chart alone proves that theory:

Before and after federal reserve

The Federal Reserve systematically penalizes those that try to save their money. Inflation is a tax, and the value of each one of our dollars goes down a little bit more every single day.

The Federal Reserve system was also designed to trap people. The intent of the bankers was to trap the U.S. government in an endless debt spiral from which it could never escape, and most Americans don’t understand this. In fact, most Americans don’t even understand where money comes from or how he value it.

Point blank, the Federal reserves needs to be abolished if we are ever going to reduce our national debt, create jobs, and give more power back to the people.

A vast majority of these proposals are directly aligned with Donald Trump’s desire to rollback regulations— including Dodd-Frank — on financial institutions, as well.

It would provide a more stable means for markets as well as allowing the monopolization of banks to be broken down instead of allowing less than ten people to control all of the worlds banks.

The Federal Reserve is at the heart of most of the economic woes facing the US. Endless borrowing and money printing will result in massive inflation, and interest rates cannot stay low forever. We could very well see the market collapse again if we do not make drastic changes.

Trump’s meeting is more than notable, it is almost groundbreaking. No president has dared to take power away from the Rothschilds’ and other billionaire elites that control all of the worlds banks.

We could possibly be taking steps to eliminate one of the most corrupt banking schemes to ever take hold in this country.

Should Donald Trump work to abolish the Federal Reserve?


  1. GOOD !!!! |& while your at it, please abolish DCF / of the most corrupt agencies in the whole Country !!!! adoption mills that are immune from “PERGURY” in order to steal people’s children with lies to adopt them out for the CLINTON’S “federal bonus incentives” !!!!! since you’re draing swamps, that should be one of the first also….they are child trafficing with OUR MONEY….THAT IS WHY OUR SOCIAL SECURITY FUND HAS BEEN DEPLETED FROM THEOSE KIDNAPPING MONSTERS WHO SEE CHILDREN AS “‘COMMODITIES”” ITS A HUGE INDUSTRY & IT IS MONEY DRIVEN..THEY DESTROY GOOD FAMILIES WITH A SMILE…PATTING EACH OTHER ON THE BACK FOR

    • Thank you for pointing that out! The Satanic Globalist ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE has SO MANY EXTREMELY EVIL CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES & ORGANIZATIONS that it is difficult to keep track of them all. —— The ILLEGAL, grand theft, fraudulent, lying, extortion organization known as the IRS (which funds the swamp creatures & their Kingdom of Satan) MUST BE ABOLISHED! Pray for Trump’s Divine Protection & Divine Guidance!

  2. Seems a correct place to start to abolish the old world order. Oops did I mean ? New world order. No I did it the way I believe it in first place. It’s used as a scare tack to of “comeing soon”. Really it has been in place for many years. It’s only getting stronger. If Trump makes a attack at it. Yes anyone whom says triple your security. Likely good start. As well personally check his own security for moles. As for no President has tried. That must be meaning to say none since Kenedy. His untimely death however leaves us a little in dark to. What outcome could have been. My Honest opinion here. A president won’t be able to do such thing. Anyone interested going farther on this. Friend me or comment here.

    • I think if he were to join with other countries to abolish the federal reserve he may have a better chance but hey what do I know. Just a thought.

      • a log time ago a well known person decided to get rid of their federal reserve and prooved it that country, a fact that is hardly ever mentioned,
        it was the reason for the start of the second world war , the well known person was …. adolf hitler

  3. Do it? Yes. Do it now? Got no clue. I do think maybe some serious skull time should be put to the issue trying to determine how to minimize the impact. I think maybe this is one system that you don’t want to just hit reboot without having a plan for when it fails to reboot.

    Then again, just letting things run on because you don’t have a plan IS in itself a plan and is one designed for terrible consequences.

    Do I want a gold standard? Yes, because it makes one able to retire well by saving. I just don’t know how you get there without ripping out the guts of the economy of the nation and the individual economies of each American household.

  4. What birdcage liner this site is! Obviously this was written by some wishful Trump Chump counting on people only reading the fake headline before spreading this false article across social media. There’s not even one single quote from Trump in this article. Fake news! Subscribe to!

  5. are you nuts! every politician that tried to end the private Feds fiat money scam has had a gruesome ending. besides gold standard would not come close to covering all the debt in the US. Govt backed notes are the way to go – no interest notes back by the full faith of the US Govt. Don’t hold your breath, the banksters control the whole world.

    • Its a bigger problem than most people are aware of. No one even knows how it would effect the middle and lower class which is the majority of the people, I bet I could guess and be pretty accurate though.

    • Who said gold standard? Just stop borrowing from the like JFK did. Of course, he was murdered just after signing Executive Order 11110.

    • The end is near for the Satanic Globalist international bankster- gangster’s ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE. Google: NESARA IS JUST THE BEGINNING! ! Sheldon Nidle 10-4-16 Galactic Federation of Light

  6. Getting back to the gold standard would make gold cost $10,000 and ounce. There would be no growth possible. Whatever $$$ you have would be worth very little. Only people with a lot of gold would profit. Trump is just following Putin. Both are reactionary dialecticians to give another side to the Rothschild scams they are trapped into thinking they are opposed to. Two scamming idjots for the price of one. One can’t beat the house unless one actually gets rid of the old house.

  7. It’s not a bad idea. The problem is how to handle all the existing debt.

    You can’t negotiate the debt directly because it would kill the value and you wouldn’t be able to sell new bonds. Therefore, you need a new debt instrument that can be negotiated: Federal Credit Receipt (FCR).

    • Bills of Exchange acts already allow for the extinguishing of debt through the providing of services. Its an ancient banking practice that would simply have to be revived and used RESPONSIBLY!

  8. Pres Kennedy, tried to compete with the Fed. He had an executive order, I think it was #11110 that would have created a government issued dollar and government issue currency. The bankers couldn’t allow that so they killed Kennedy. Ronald Reagan tried also and he almost lost his life. The easiest way to put an end to that problem is to set up a private “army” who’s mission is to immediately track down and kill every governor of the Fed and every top banker including Diamond and Rockefeller, the instant that Donald Trump is assassinated. Quietly let all the governors and bankers know that if Donald Trump dies from an assassin then they will die a quick and violent death, no matter where they try to hide.

  9. The position of the Center for Economic and Social Justice ( is:

    The only ethical thing to do is to restructure the system so that those who make the promises (producers in the private sector) are the ones who have to keep them, and to link the amount of money in the system directly to the present value of existing and future marketable goods and services in the economy through private property. This can be done by having the central bank rediscount private sector bills of exchange (“eligible paper”) offered by commercial banks, and forbidding future acceptance of government bills of credit.

    The Federal Reserve currently makes little use of its power to rediscount “eligible paper” held by commercial banks or to make direct loans to banks out of existing deposits to meet their liquidity needs in fostering commercial and industrial development. Instead, the Federal Reserve controls the money supply and interest rates through its other main money-creating powers:

    • By its open market purchases and sales of government securities,

    • By altering reserve requirement ratios, and

    • By controlling the “federal funds rate” (the rate at which one bank charges another for overnight borrowed funds).

    Sadly, the Federal Reserve currently allocates 100 percent of the money it creates to support public sector growth or politically motivated private sector bailouts, none to support private sector growth.

    Under a comprehensive, long-range national Capital Homesteading strategy, the key to growth without inflation is the highly selective use of the Federal Reserve’s discount powers and control over credit costs. Ideally, the Federal Reserve, in controlling and channeling monetary growth, would differentiate sharply between interest rates on already accumulated savings (i.e., “other people’s money”) and credit costs on newly created central bank credit for stimulating private sector investment growth among new owners (“pure credit”).

    What is missing is a refinement in the present irrigation system — a two-tiered credit policy that would permit increases in the money supply to be channeled more selectively into new private sector plants, equipment, and advanced technology, but through routes that gradually and systematically create new capital owners, thus reducing the pressures for forceful redistribution.

    Moving from a debt-backed currency to an asset-backed currency is actually is quite feasible, and surprisingly easy to accomplish — once you know the principles.

  10. What should be done is teach children in high school how to live as a creditor instead of training them to be debtors in society.

  11. Pray for Trump’s & Allison’s invincible Divine Protection. Trying to take power away from the Satanic Globalist international bankster-gangster’s ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE by establishing the gold standard and honest money is why JFK and Omar Gaddaffi were murdered. Murder is an everyday tool of the trade of the Satanic Globalist INTERNATIONAL BANKSTER- GANGSTER’S ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE.

  12. The liberals/Fascist/Communist economic policies create inner city hardship by destroying job market and job oppertunity for the low educated, low educated by purposely implementing destabiliziing school policies such as removing disciplin action to correct behavior problems or school of choice policy to bring those inner city problems out to stabilized suburbs so to make the problem everyone’s problem and disrupt educators elsewhere, all the poorly educated then need jobs but most general labor industrial union jobs have been allowed to move away leaving those low educated to fight for jobs left behind to compete with foreigners who will do the same jobs for much less.

    They all end up on government assistance programs that only pay out just enough to sustain life sustaining necessities which puts most all into poverty levels which ends up increasing crime rates.

    The police are underpaid, they then go corrupt and contribute to more of the problem and police are trained to force arrest citizens of pedally crimes, treating them all as armed and dangerous in all cases guilty until proven guilty by the court of law, which is backward to peoples constitutional right of being innocent until proven guilty by the court system.

    This results destroying trust between citizen and the law enforcement who are for the purpose of serving and protecting the citizens but have become statutory law enforcement to push the many judicial policy and regulation onto the peasant people creating a society of invaded privacy and reduced freedom.

    1940 Smith Act was established to perge government officials who want to infiltrate US politics and use it to progress or make policies that will change society and political system counter to Ametican values of a free market and democratic society of citizens with personal rights and liberty to an authoritive, dictative Fascism or totalitarian Communist Society counter to the US Constitution.

    Someone must investigate, indict and prosecute corrupted government officials whom violate this law.

    Also 1948 Taft and Hartley anti Communist provision to prevent Communist infiltration of organizations were implemented policy will have the same effect on taking the US citizens Constitution rights and democratic protections, organizations such as labor unions, education or health organizations. They then impliment their own destabilizing policies to bring on financial hardship on the mass population of low and under employed citizens, so to get the supporting foot soldiers to help them become a stronger fighting force for the Communist agenda, as it may appear that capitalism, were private common citizens should have fair chance to become debt free ownership of real estate such as home, land or business, that becomes to far from reality because the big investors, who are only able to afford such, ends up driving real estate prices to an unreasonable value for the average common citizens, discouraging them of the current Capital Society that prevents them of debt free ownership of private property.

    This in turn gives them the false assumption and desire for Socialism or even Communism as an alternative because they are tricked into believing such Society will be different, when its only polucy that is causing the situation in the first place.

  13. yet another country coming to the realization that Jews have to go. the list is quite long and always growing.

  14. ” The Genius of our Psychopathic Ruling Class is that it has kept the majority of the people from ever questioning the inequity of a Private For Profit Non-Govt. Banking System, where most people drudge along paying heavey taxes, for which they get nothing in return.” Gore Vidal

  15. so no one commented on this how sad yes you know why because most of America is asleep and stupid. the others the ones with lots of money don’t care but that at the majority of us. wake up and understand its your kids future that will suffer and Mr trump don’t go back to the gold standard the bankers already new there fiat money would collapse one day and have been hording gold for decades. where do you thing all the gold that was in fort nocks went overseas and not in there names i don’t think anyone will ever read this but for the record i said it here and i told you so

    • Recently I was looking at this thing where Milton Friedman stated that the Federal Reserve caused the Great Depression. Now, I knew that part. But he said that actually the Federal Reserve has the highest holdings of gold. The gold left Europe, especially England, during the depression and came here to pay debts they owed that was required to be paid in gold. Soon after that, England went to the fiat currency system. Part of the reason the depression was so bad was because they refused to increase the money supply and they had the gold to do it. Anyways, Friedman would know about economics. The gold is here. He didn’t say what was in Fort Knox. I’ve heard a lot is there and I’ve heard none is there.

      Now, I have done some research and the US has enough gold to go back to the gold standard. Trump attempting to do that just may cost him his life. Kennedy didn’t do so well making US government money. That was soon reversed after his death.

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