Tens Of Thousands Protest Against Water Charges In Ireland

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water charges

Tens of thousands took to the streets in Dublin on Saturday in a protest against water charges in Ireland.

Right2Water spokesman David Gibney said the protest was held in order to remind the government that the problem had not “gone away.”

RT reports: It was the first mass rally in the last six months to protest the water charges imposed by the government. Organized by the Right2Water campaign group, it was the fifth major demonstration since the controversial utility fee was levied.

The protesters gathered at two meeting points located near the train stations of Heuston in the western part of the city, and Connoly in the city’s east. The demonstration began at 2 pm local time, as crowds of people marched through Dublin’s quays to Spire on O’Connel Street in the city center.

Dozens of small groups of local residents joined the protesters, with a number of smaller columns of demonstrators marching in from the suburbs, Irish media reports.

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