VIDEO: Is This New Footage The CLEAREST UFO Ever Captured?

Fact checked

Photos of an absolutely bizarre UFO sighting – now being labeled one of the strangest ever on record – are being taken seriously by a well-recongnized global unidentified flying craft organization. 


UFO photographs are often criticised for being blurred, fuzzy or taken from too far away to tell what it is.

But a photographer snapped these clear images of this bizarrely-shaped craft in the skies over Costa Rica.


According to Paranormal Crucible, a YouTube UFO channel, witnesses had discounted it being a drone.

The Costa Rica UFO

The video narrater said: “A mysterious flying object has been photographed over a soccer field near Santana, Costa Rica.

“The bizarre anomaly was photographed several times as it glided over treetops before finally disappearing out of view over a hilltop.


“Witnesses to the event firstly assumed that the object was a drove but after closer inspection of the photographs no propellors are visible.

“It is also worth noting that the object made no sound as it surveyed the surrounding area – this could indicate that this object is indeed a UFO and was using an anti-gravity propulsionsystem.”

The case has been reported to the Mutual UFONetwork, which investigates such sightings, before reaching a conclusion.


Some viewers described it as the “clearest” and ‘strangest” UfO picture they had seen.

TheJennRogue said: “Strangest thing, if its a balloon its a different looking one thats for sure.”

UFO Union added: “This is (an) awesome catch. No doubt soon governments will accept and alien disclosure will happen.”

But others were less convinced, with Larry Burks saying: “Looks like a party balloon floating by in the air.”