Foiled ISIS Plot: Teen Planned To Load Kangaroo With Explosives

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Australian teen planned to load kangaroo with explosives, foiled ISIS plot reveals

Court documents reveal that an Australian teenager planned on painting a kangaroo with the ISIS logo, packing it with explosives and setting it loose on police as part of an alleged terror plot on Anzac Day. 

Sevdet Besim has pleaded not guilty to four charges relating to the alleged terrorist plot. reports:

Prosecutors withdrew another charge of conspiring to commit the attack.

They also accused Besim of communicating with a teenager overseas, as well as planning to behead or run over a police officer on Anzac Day because the date would make the attack more memorable.

A summary of telegram communications allegedly between the two teenagers, presented by the prosecution, detailed a conversation about using a kangaroo as part of an attack.

“Communications resume in the early hours of Thursday 20 March 2015 with an image being sent by BESIM with a comment of ‘look what I got ahaha’,” the court documents said.

“The conversation continues with BESIM detailing what he did that day and they have a general discussion around animals and wildlife in Australia including a suggestion that a kangaroo could be packed with C4 explosive, painted with the IS symbol and set loose on police officers.”

Besim allegedly said: “Main thing I guess is that I send the dog to hell”.

The prosecution alleged Besim conducted several internet searches in February 2015, including “Anzac day parade 2015”, “shrine of Remembrance” and “Melbourne Anzac Day 2015”.

Besim was remanded in custody to face the Victorian Supreme Court on February 3.

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