Portland School Allows Controversial ‘Pedophiles Are People’ Sign

Fact checked
School in Portland under fire after allowing 'pedophiles are people' poster to be posted

A primary school in Portland has come under fire after allowing a ‘Pedophiles are People’ advertisement to be posted near the school grounds.

The poster reads, “Pedophiles are people too,” and was left in full view of children and parents at the Willamette Primary School.

It wasn’t until news outlets and social media commentators began reporting on the sign, that locals took the poster down.

Katu.com reports: One thing that struck us, and people on social media, was that the background looked like a gay pride flag.

We spoke to folks at the Q center in Portland.

“It’s just very clear that this message was meant to stigmatize and stereotype LGBTQ people,” said Cameron Whitten, Q Center executive director. ”

At a time when we are facing homophobia, transphobia, it is not helpful for these kinds of harmful messages to be disseminated out.”

Neighbors told KATU they took the sign down.


  1. When gay marriage was being pushed,I remember people saying the the next thing is pedophilia being pushed on us. The Left said “No that would never happen” They called us idiots. Now look! This is enough! This is the line in the sand!

    • I’ve heard people say that pushing homosexuality was a cover for ‘liberalising’ enough to bring things like this around.
      But then Richard Dawkin a ‘leading atheist’ said in an international broadcast article, that people should eat human flesh to ‘get over morality’.
      Eventually the only things left to liberate will be the atoms that make up the body.

    • Homoseuxality has nothing to do with pedophilia. Most hard porn and perversion is straight. Most PDA is straight. Most perverts are straight. Most predators are straight. Most serial killers and rapists, straight. Most psychopaths and lunatics are straight. By most, more like virtually all. Gays are so clean, they repress themselves often 10, 20, 30+ years just to wait for their own to come. Cut the talking points and two-sided politics. Anyone who leans to one side too long is going to go numb and lose circulation.

        • You’re associating pedophilia as one step above homosexuality. There is no gray matter with pedophilia. Either something IS or ISN’T, and I know exactly what folks like you believe. Dissonance or not. Fancy word games, or not.

  2. They’ll say it’s fake but it’s not the 1st time they’ve tried to fit in the LGBTQ+ That’s kinda what the “+” is..

    Very sad Portland is under some kind of demonic control because they really cave to this crap. Used to be a beautiful city before it become a liberal sh*thole.

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