Actress Alyssa Milano Is Considering A 2024 Run For Congress

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Biden and Milano

Anti Trump Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano says she is considering a bid for the U.S. House of Representatives in the state of California in 2024.

The Democrat Party activist pointed to her potential campaign in an interview with The Hill published warlier this week.

“I’m looking at California’s 4th District to potentially run against [Rep. Tom] McClintock (R),” the staunch Biden supporter told the news outlet.

Milano then added “I split my time between Truckee, Calif., and Bell Canyon, Calif., and the Republicans have basically had a strong arm there in the 4th District”

Breitbart reports: McClintock won reelection last year with 56 percent of the vote against Democrat challenger Brynne Kennedy.

“It’s going to take someone with, I think, name recognition and deep pockets to be able to run against McClintock, and so I’m considering it. I’m basically gathering information right now, speaking to different consultants, speaking to the community,” Milano said.

“I would love to maybe consider flipping that seat blue,” she added.

McClintock has not publicly weighed in on potentially facing off with the celebrity activist..

Milano, host of the political podcast Sorry not Sorry, has made headlines in recent years for her ardent support for various left-wing causes such as gun control and mas-mail voting. She has also garnered attention for her repeated attacks and conspiracy theories targeting President Donald Trump and his supporters.

In October 2020, Milano claimed that Americans must choose between “America or Trump,” because the country “can’t love both.”

Milano has also taken aim at law enforcement, previously claiming that police exist “to uphold white supremacy.”

“Police exist to uphold white supremacy and have been empowered by laws and the courts to inject themselves into Black life for any reason, no matter how minor, even a dangling air freshener,” she tweeted in April.

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