Doctors Call For Biden To Take Mental Competency Test: ‘Something Isn’t Right’

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Joe Biden

After a report from special counsel Robert Hur revealed that President Biden can’t remember basic facts about his own life and career, doctors have stepped up calls for the 81 year old to take a mental competency test.

The Hur report, which was released on Thursday, assessed Biden as too senile to be prosecuted over his wrongful retention of classified documents. It also noted the commander-in-chief “did not remember when he was vice president” and “did not remember, even within several years, when his son Beau died” over two days of interviews in October.

“Something isn’t right, and even if it’s minor, it must be explained to the public” Dr. Stuart Fischer, a primary care physician at a nursing home in the Bronx, told the NY Post. He added “The horse is out of the barn. Not only does (Biden) have an infirmity of some degree, but he has delayed producing objective evidence.”

InfoWars reports: Dr. Fischer added “no one is buying” Biden’s claims that his “memory is fine,” referring to the 81-year-old presidential usurper’s statement Thursday night during an impromptu press conference.

Following Thursday’s report, Dr. Fischer said Biden shows “signs of symptoms” which could be indicative of “infectious disease or fatigue,” going on to recommend Biden keep a “mild schedule…because the more he pushes himself, the more difficult it is for an 81-year-old body to respond.”

Former Trump White House physician and US Congressman Ronny Jackson (R-Texas) also told the Post Biden could be suffering from dementia, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, and called on him to take an array of cognitive tests if he’s selected as the Democrat nominee.

“He doesn’t need a [cognitive] screening test,” Jackson told the Post. “He needs an actual cognitive battery of tests, objectively done, put on paper, and briefed to the American people by his physician.”

Jackson continued: “I’m not making a diagnosis. And I’m not saying the guy has Alzheimer’s or multi-infarct dementia or Parkinson’s or anything else… This guy has cognitive issues related to his age: He shuffles when he walks, he slurs his speech, he forgets where he’s at, what he’s doing, he can’t remember names, he can’t remember dates — that is not someone that should be in control of the nuclear codes in this country and controlling our fate overseas.”

The former Trump physician, who once noted the 45th president and current GOP presidential frontrunner was in “excellent” health, reiterated his belief Biden was mentally incapable of running the country.

“I’ve been saying since he was candidate Joe Biden: This man does not have the cognitive wherewithal or ability to be our head of state,” Jackson stated.

“If you’re too incompetent and too cognitively impaired because of your age to defend yourself from these charges — if he’s charged — then it absolutely, positively goes without saying you should not be the commander-in-chief,” Jackson added.

Likewise, neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson, who served as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under Trump, described long having concerns over Biden’s apparent cognitive decline.

“As someone who knows a thing or two about the human brain, Joe Biden’s mental decline has been obvious for several years,” Dr. Carson told the Post. “Yesterday’s report, last night’s press conference, and the current state of the union further proves that point. Our southern border is under siege, there are two major global conflicts taking place, and our judicial system has become a weaponized arm of the president’s campaign. Americans should be asking, who is running the country?”

The Post added, “Carson has previously stated he believes Biden has signs of dementia, given the president’s aggressive demeanor, apparent confusion and issues with his speech.”

Additionally, Dr. Arthur Oliva, a self-described “concerned citizen and Democrat,” noted on X she was “personally concerned about” Hur’s report.

In the report released Thursday announcing the results of Special Council Hur’s investigation of Biden for illegally keeping classified documents at his Delaware home, Hur wrote Biden’s memory had “severe limitations” and characterized him as “an elderly man with a poor memory.”

Biden addressed the claims during a random presser Thursday evening, but only made matters worse when he confused Egypt with Mexico.

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