Former British PM Boris Johnson’s Wife Exposed as Aleister Crowley Worshiping Occult Satanist

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Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s wife Carrie Johnson has been exposed an occult Satanist who worships Aleister Crowley, the unabashed occultist and self-described “wickedest man in the world.”

The revelations comes days after Vladimir Putin revealed to Tucker Carlson that Johnson as prime minister scuppered a peace deal between Ukraine and Russia, leading to hundreds of thousands of deaths.

Photos of Johnson’s wife engaged in ritual Satanic acts have now emerged, with the former prime minister’s wife pictured next to a man with “Do as thou wilt” and “Big beast” scrawled on his body.

Carrie Johnson pictured in a Satanic ritual production at Warwick University
Messages from Aleister Crowley’s occult writings were scrawled around the scene

Per the Daily Mail:

The production was based on the writings of self-styled mystic Aleister Crowley – an unabashed occultist who revelled in his infamy as ‘the wickedest man in the world’. He died in 1947.

Crowley’s form of worship involved sadomasochistic sex rituals with men and women, spells which he claimed could raise evil gods, and the use of hard drugs, including cocaine and heroin.

For the play, Miss Symonds is wearing a black dress and torn black tights with heavy black make-up smeared around her eyes.

In one picture she is kneeling on the floor with a table in the background. On the table are written the words ‘cognac, c*** and cocaine’ – a reference to one of Crowley’s most notorious poems.

A bottle of cognac and small pile of white powder, believed to represent cocaine, are on the table, which is surrounded by a circle of cards. The words ‘Do As Thou Wilt’ are scrawled in chalk in the center of the circle.

Alongside Miss Symonds sits a bare-chested male student with ‘Big Beast’ and ‘Do As Thou Wilt’ daubed across his chest and throat in black ink.

Crowley’s poem Leah Sublime includes the foul-mouthed lines: ‘Straddle your Beast, My Masterful B****… Spit on me, scarlet, Mouth of my harlot… Soak me in cognac, c*** and cocaine.’

During Johnson’s time as prime minister, Bradshaw capitalized on her public persona by campaigning against single use straws.

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