Judge Allows Transgender Daycare Worker Caught Sexually Abusing Baby To Walk Free

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A transgender Kentucky daycare worker who pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a baby in the workplace has been allowed to walk free by a judge.

An investigative report by Reduxx has revealed that Maria Childers, a biological male who identifies as a woman, was arrested in February 2023 after a co-worker made an anonymous report alleging he behaved inappropriately with a baby in their care.

The whistleblower alerted the Department of Community Based Services (DCBS) that Childers was working at the Explore Learning Academy in November 2022 and sexually abusing babies, including rubbing their genitals and making sexual comments in front of other staff.

However, Judge Joseph Roark has only handed Childers a 12-month suspended sentence that won’t have to be served if he abides by court conditions for the next six months. Childers may not even receive a criminal record.

Witness testimony obtained by Reduxx revealed even more disturbing details:

According to witness testimony, a co-worker had asked Childers for assistance in changing an infant’s diaper. While Childers was cleaning the baby’s genitals, the co-worker noticed that the infant appeared to be in distress and asked Childers if he was hurting the baby. She then witnessed Childers rub the infant’s genitals in a “circular motion,” while saying “that was her clit area and she likes it. It just made her day.”

Breitbart report: After this incident, Childers was reported to the daycare’s management but was only given a mere “write up.”

Throughout the investigation, police also learned that the alleged pedophile had also been accused of neglecting children by leaving them in high chairs for “hours” without care. 

Reduxx, an independent “pro-woman, pro-child safeguarding” outlet, went on to unveil Childers’ lackluster explanation for his alleged actions:

After being taken to the police station for questioning, Childers initially claimed he had not changed the infant’s diaper at all. He later admitted to having done so after an officer presented him with evidence in the form of a text that he had sent to the daycare’s director confirming the baby’s diaper had been changed. He then tried to deny he had ever said anything inappropriate, but admitted he often said things that were “taken out of context.”

Although he was initially charged with one count of First Degree Sexual Abuse of a Victim Under 12 and three counts of First Degree Criminal Abuse of a Child Under 12, Childers “struck an apparent deal with prosecutors.” 

In exchange for a guilty plea last month, Childers ended up with just a Class A Misdemeanor Sexual Misconduct charge.

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Despite originally being booked into the McCracken County Jail as a “male,” internal documents show that his recorded sex was later switched to “female.”

Childers retained trans activist lawyer Madison Leach, another biological male, who fought to reduce Childers’ bond from $100,000 to $5,000 because his client didn’t have estrogen while in jail. 

The former daycare employee was soon released from custody, with Judge Joseph Roark handing Childers a 12-month suspended sentence that won’t have to be served if he abides by court conditions for the next six months.

“Leach said the conditions include Childers has no contact with children and remain away from the Explore Learning Academy,” the Daily Mail reported.

According to Reduxx, the disgraced childcare worker “may not even receive a criminal record.”

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