Jeffrey Epstein’s Brother Releases Secret Autopsy Photos Proving ‘Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself’

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Jeffrey Epstein’s brother Mark has released secret photos from the Jeffrey Epstein autopsy which, in his words, prove the official narrative about his brother’s death is not true, and that the officials are covering up his murder.

The notorious pedophile’s brother explained why he believes Jeffrey Epstein was murdered by those whose secrets he was keeping, presenting previously unseen images from the autopsy to support his case in an episode of The Megyn Kelly Show on Friday.

One photograph from the autopsy revealed a large, red mark around the middle of Epstein’s neck. Another photograph showed the deceased pedophile’s legs, which his brother said were “clear” evidence indicating that his blood pooled and that Epstein could not have hung himself.

“The fact that his legs are clear even if they laid him down, the blood would not have drained up from his legs into his back unless he was hung upside down,” Epstein’s brother said. “The fact that his legs and buttocks are clear from lividity, it leads doubt to the fact he was found the way they described.”

DailyCaller report: Mark examined the red line on the neck of his dead brother’s body, noting that it looks more like a “ligature strangulation” instead of the result of hanging oneself.

He said that the mark was toward the middle of Epstein’s neck, stating that it would be “high up in the front” if he hung himself.

The red line around Epstein’s throat is in the “wrong position” for a hanging
Epstein’s legs and buttocks were “clear from lividity” raising further doubts about the official narrative

“This is bullshit,” Mark said. “There were, I think, 11 other prisoners on that tier in the cells that could have killed him.”

Mark said he first heard of his brother’s death while watching CNN, stating that the U.S. government incorrectly claimed they notified him in their report. He said he first respected his brother’s decision to commit suicide before becoming suspicious as more information emerged.

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