Animal Rights Group Say Merry Go Round Horses ‘Celebrates The Exploitation’ Of Animals

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carousel merry go round horse

Animal rights group PETA has sparked outrage after calling for children’s merry-go-rounds to stop using animal themes because it ‘unintentionally celebrates the exploitation’ of animals.

According to the animal rights organization using the pretend horses could create the image that animals are only there for our entertainment. They say it would be better to use figures of vehicles instead.

However, merry-go-round operators have no plans to replace them and have told PETA “focus on real animal suffering, not on plastic animals.”

The Mail Online reports: People have slammed PETA for calling on the largest amusement ride manufacturer in Kansas to stop producing and selling animal-themed carousels.

The animal rights organization released an open letter to Chance Rides on February 6, urging them to cease manufacturing animal designs as it ‘unintentionally celebrates’ exploitation.

In the open letter, PETA president Ingrid Newkirk argued Chance Rides CEO Aaron Landrum could instead create figures of bulldozers, cars and spaceships, engaging the imagination of youngsters through ‘human talent’.

However the animal rights group have received backlash online for their most recent move, with people pointing out there are currently bigger issues faced by animals throughout the globe.

‘Instead of worrying about the monkeys being smuggled across the border, torturous animal testing in pointless lab experiments, etc… @PETA is taking aim at… CAROUSELS lmao,’ one fumed.

PETA have asked Chance rides to stop making animal themed carousels mean come on now. This is a stretch surely,’ another wrote.

The activist group have called for animal-themed amusement rides to be scrapped because they believe it would be a huge hit against industries that continue to use animals for entertainment such as dolphin shows and camel rides. 

PETA President Ingrid Newkirk justified her position, suggesting the move would teach children to have ‘respect and compassion’ for living creatures could help create a more ‘merciful world.’


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