WEF Want to Lobotomize the Human Race to Become 6G Antennas

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The globalist elites at the WEF now want to give you a full frontal lobotomy via dangerous new technology that will turn humans into transmitters for 6G antennas - with or without your consent.

Not content with euthanizing grandparents, pumping mRNA into the food supply to poison your heart, normalizing pedophilia, and riddling you with cancer via Bill Gates’ highly carcinogenic fake meat, the globalist elites at the WEF now want to give you a full frontal lobotomy via dangerous new technology that will turn humans into transmitters for 6G antennas – with or without your consent.

Human beings could be used as part of an electromagnetic radiation (EMR) antenna system by wearing a special copper-coiled bracelet, according to a team of World Economic Forum-affiliated researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands.

The researchers said they developed a low-cost way to “harvest” the radiofrequency (RF) radiation that gets “leaked” during visible light communication (VLC) — a technology they said is likely to be used in the “coming 6G networks.”

But some critics allege that using human beings as antennas for 6G is disrespectful to the human body and may have unknown health implications.

“I am diametrically opposed to this type of work, especially given the paucity of medical research on using the human body as an RF antenna,” said Dr. Brian Hooker, Children’s Health Defense chief scientific officer and professor of biology at Simpson University.

“This type of technology makes the human body an RF collector and ignores the health implications of EMR altogether,” Hooker told The Defender.

However, Bill Bathgate, an electrical engineer and certified building biology environmental consultant, said it wasn’t feasible to think that wearing the bracelets would not increase people’s exposure to RF. “That’s not possible,” he said.

Commenting on the WEF plans, Bathgate said, “This is one of the worst ideas ever.” It uses the human body as a “telecommunications point in some kind of network grid” and could result in “health effects we can’t predict,” he said.

Given the WEF’s track record, I think we can predict that the health consequences will be disastrous for the average person. Think about the Covid-19 vaccine roll out and the recent revelation that Bill Gates’ fake meat products are highly carcinogenic. Check out our recent videos about 5G and the fake meat scam for more information.

Whatever you do, do not underestimate these people. They are mad, drunk on power, and they do not have our best interests at heart. And their plans have been in the works for years.

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The elites are hell bent on enslaving us in their techno-communist utopia.

A patent granted to Bill Gates awarded the self-appointed world health czar the“exclusive right” to computerize human bodies and use them as local wireless networks.

The human body is a vibrating, throbbing, pulsing gateway of tubes and tunnels, filled with electrolytes and all capable of transmitting information, the lifeblood of the internet and the 21st century. Now it has emerged that Gates’ Microsoft was granted “exclusive rights” to this ability of the body to act as a computer network.

If this sounds too much like science fiction, then you are welcome to check this out for yourself. Microsoft was awarded US Patent 6,754,472, which is titled: Method and apparatus for transmitting power and data using the human body.

It really should be science fiction, if you stop and think about it. Did anybody consult you about whether you are willing to hand over the exclusive rights to your body to Bill Gates?

Of course the answer is no. But Gates does not care. According to Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Gates has a “God-like willingness to experiment with the lives of lesser humans.”

Kennedy Jr. goes on to warn that Bill Gates has used his money to systematically purchase “powers exceeding, in some respects, those wielded by presidents” and is using these powers to experiment on human beings like “guinea pigs“.

If you don’t want to be a guinea pig, you have to educate yourself about the plans of the elite and make plans to exit their matrix of control. This is what we are all about at The People’s Voice. Join our Locals community to join us in our mission.

Civil liberties groups have also expressed outrage over Gates’s move to patent the human body. “Body parts, in this case skin, should not be in any way patentable,” said Jim Thomas of the ETC group, which monitors developments in technology. “There are big questions here about whether individuals will be able to refuse this technology if it is used in, for example, tracking devices.”

But there is support for Gates from the globalist elite with whom Gates is working hand-in-hand. Klaus Schwab’s right hand man, Yuval Noah Harari, says there is no question that individuals will have no say whatsoever about whether their bodies will be used in this technology. According to Harari, “The designer of life will no longer be god, the WEF are going to be the designers of the future of life.”

Harari also explains why Gates’ patent on the human body is so important. Gates was at the forefront of the computer science revolution, according to Harari, and he is also at the forefront of “the revolution in the biological sciences.” And guess what? According to Harari, Bill Gates’ two revolutions are about to merge in one big scientific experiment.

Unfortunately, you and I are being lined up as the subjects of this experiment.

The time has long since passed to completely reject out of hand anything that comes out of the mouths of the globalist elite. We must reject the controlling influence of mainstream media propaganda and social media thought control.

It’s time to break free from the shackles imposed on us by the global elite and defeat their plans for techno-communist transhumanism before its too late. How can you do this? Rejecting the mainstream media propaganda and securing your financial future is a start.

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