Mysterious Loud Booms Heard In New Orleans

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loud booms

For a while now residents of New Orleans have been hearing loud booms around the city.

The unexplained phenomenon has rattled houses and people but nobody has the slightest idea what the deep ‘boom’ sound is.

Witnesses say they have never heard anything like it before. reports:

It’s been going on for weeks, so you can imagine many are starting to wonder if the mystery will ever be solved.

“It’s pretty easy to hear the boom,” said resident Karen Chustz. “There’s no sound like it.”

Another day has passed and the mysterious exploding noises heard around town still haven’t been solved.

“How is it nobody has seen anything other than the flashes and heard the booms?” said resident Tori Godbey.

However, one thing is clear, those booms which residents said sound like a cannon are leaving people rattled.

“It’s more than just curiosity, is something going on?” questioned Godbey.

It was heard in Broadmoor a few weeks ago, and in Uptown it was heard a few days ago.

“All of a sudden it’s this huge explosion and you have to do a double take, and like, my dog freaks out completely,” said Chustz.

“I did hear them on Friday, it was about 9-9:30 p.m. I think?” said Godbey. “And this was the loudest one I’ve ever heard.”

One resident, who wished to be anonymous, has followed each case closely.

“It was about a block or block and a half in that direction and up in the sky for sure, it definitely illuminated the whole area,” he recalled.

Since December, he’s heard of at least 150 reports. He’s looked into each one speaking with witnesses, looking at surveillance and gathering any other information that may help in finding the cause. He’s taken the information and put it on a map that he shared with others on the Broadmoor and nearby neighborhood community website,

“Everyone’s just in a panic and a bit puzzled,” he said.

From blown transformers to something on the river, witnesses said nothing fits with what’s being heard.

“All of us who’ve lived in New Orleans for a long time know the regular noises,” he said.

He also has a theory of his own.

“My personal theory is some kids hopped onto YouTube and found out how to make homemade explosives cheaply and that are difficult to trace,” he said. “You can fill a balloon with hydrogen and explode it. One big balloon, one cylinder of gas and you’ve made yourself one hellacious bomb, which would also explain the yellow light, which hydrogen makes.”

It’s just a theory, but residents said no matter the cause, they hope one day an answer will be found.

“I’m not terrified, but I really would like to know,” said Godbey.

“It’s definitely not fireworks, it’s not gunshots it’s something bigger but what is it? Nobody knows,” said Chustz.loud booms


Edmondo Burr
BA Economics/Statistics CEO