Professor Lockdown Left Reeling After Audience Calls Him “A F***ing Murderer”

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Professor Ferguson called a murderer during lecture

Pro-China, pro-lockdown scientist Professor Neil Ferguson was loudly heckled at a recent lecture by an audience member who said he was a “murderer” and “a disgrace” to humanity.

Ferguson, who is known as “Professor Lockdown” in the UK, was delivering a talk at King’s College London a few days ago when he was interrupted by a woman who began telling him what the rest of the public thinks.

In a video clip posted online Prof Ferguson is heard saying: “I think the real long-term legacy of this pandemic is going to be the enhanced inequity that it has generated.”

“Basically, the young sacrificed an enormous amount to save the elderly and that’s exacerbated into generational inequity.”

He is then interrupted by the woman who asks: “And what for?” reports: As another member tries to tell her to be quiet, telling her that questions will be at the end, the woman says: “I don’t know how anyone can sit through this nonsense, you’re a f*****g murderer.”

Walking out of the lecture theatre, she adds: “You’re a f*****g murderer… you’re a f*****g disgrace.”

A clip of the woman outside sees her add: “The guy’s just evil. There’s something not human about him. That’s it. And I’m glad I told him he was a f***ing murderer.”

It comes as experts suggested that Covid cases in the UK have probably peaked for 2021. 

Researchers behind the Zoe Covid Study from King’s College London found that on average one in 53 people in the UK currently have symptomatic Covid and the number of daily new cases is showing a clear decline among those aged 18 and under, with most other age groups showing signs of levelling off.

Professor Tim Spector, the lead scientist on the study, said: “It’s great that we’re finally seeing cases start to come down, and hopefully we’re over the last great peak of Covid in 2021.

“This is driven in large part by declining cases in children who have been on half-term holidays and by high rates of previous infection, but we’re hopeful that the trend will continue.”

Paul Hunter, professor in Medicine at the University of East Anglia (UEA), said: “The suggestion that Covid cases have probably peaked for 2021 is likely to be correct.

“As was reported in the past few weeks most, but not all, of the models for Covid presented to Sage have suggested that the epidemic would peak late October/early November before declining towards the end of the year.

“One of the uncertainties with the daily reported cases has been whether the half-term holiday could have led to an apparent fall because of reduced testing of children when not attending school.

“Although this may have contributed to some of the fall, it could not account for all as case numbers started to decline the weekend before the start of the holiday and so far we have not seen a rebound increase because schools are now back this week, though we should wait another couple of days to be certain.”

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  1. No, basically the world was SET UP to get genetically modified FOREVERMORE, because all of the babies born of jabbed mums and dad as will never be normal again.

  2. “Neil Ferguson recalled how China inspired him:

    “It’s a communist one party state, we said. We couldn’t get away with it in Europe … And then Italy did it. And we realised we could… If China had not done it, the year would have been very different.”

    if accurately reported , ferguson is everything the woman said he is.

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