Elizabeth Warren Displays Children’s Toy Blocks Spelling BLM In Background During Her DNC Speech

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Elizabeth Warren BLM

Viewers watching the third night of the Democratic National Convention couldn’t help but notice a covert message behind Senator Elizabeth Warren as she delivered her speech.

Warren’s subtle tribute to the Black Lives Matter movement was mocked on social media after she had the letters BLM laid out with childrens toy alphabet blocks in the background of her video address to the DNC.

RT reports: The progressive senator spoke to the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday from a childhood education center, located in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Warren’s speech was mainly about her support for Joe Biden’s presidential bid and the problems she had with Donald Trump’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, she apparently decided to include some topical symbolism by arranging toy alphabet letters behind her to spell BLM, meaning “Black Lives Matter.”

The decision came under fire following her address, as people derided the anti-racist Easter egg for not being substantive or at least subtle.


The toy alphabet move was called “peak performative wokeness” by users who were still bitter over claims that Warren’s decision to stay in the party’s primary past Super Tuesday cost progressive icon Bernie Sanders the nomination.


To some of her critics, the gesture seemed superficial because, while the senator doesn’t support the activist position of defunding the police, she still could “spell BLM in blocks.”


Warren’s message, sent using toy letters, prompted podcast host Felix Biederman to dub the upcoming Trump versus Biden matchup as “the election for babies.”


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    See how the pampered little WHITE (not Cherokee) girl likes it when a few hundred of the Soros funded mob shows up at her house telling her to give up her property!!

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    • The race class war can vw traced back to the 1960s and the ENGLISH Satanic Cult that controlled California when Satanism became legal .Every revolution targets the ruling class, removes them, and replaces them. And then carries on as if nothing happened . This is different now because this is the first time that Satanism has ever been legal. If they win ,then Satanic Law will rule the world.

  2. Any black live that is watching this fraud and criminal can not read anyway so they missed any of this… lmao

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