Dangerous Antifa Pedophile Charged With Stabbing Black Trump Supporter Freed From Jail

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A dangerous sex criminal and Antifa militant charged with stabbing a black Trump supporter in Portland has been bailed out of jail with the likely assistance of cashed up leftwing bail fund groups.

Blake David Hampe, 43, who has a prior child pornography conviction, was arrested and charged with stalking a pro-Trump political commentator, Black Rebel, and stabbing him with a “long knife.” 

The victim is accusing Hampe of “trying to kill me.”

After stabbing Black Rebel, David Hampe was beaten and detained by a crowd of liberal protestors, suggesting dissatisfaction with his actions.

Hampe was assigned $250,000 bail on one count of felony assault. He somehow managed to come up with the substantial bond last week.

Hampe’s affiliation with Antifa appears to have secured him a bail bond from a leftist fundraising group.

Investigative reporter and Antifa watchdog Andy Ngo suspects that well-funded Antifa bail funds assisted in procuring the Antifa militant’s bail.

Ngo later pointed to the Portland Freedom Fund as an organization likely to have funded Hampe’s release from the Multnomah County Detention Center, having raised more than $1.3 million dollars from far-leftists for such purposes on GoFundMe.

Blake David Hampe has become the latest in a growing number of Antifa members to be exposed as a convicted pedophile.

In 2008, Hampe was sentenced to serve 41 months in prison and 10 years of supervised release. 

Court documents state that officers from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection who performed a search of his vehicle discovered “a lot of merchandise for children” including sleeping bags, children’s stickers, children’s underwear, children’s towels with superhero prints, and packages of trading cards—alongside 12-15 condoms, lubricant, a camera, a cellphone, and a laptop.

Hampe, who incriminated himself during the search, stated that he was kicked out of his uncle’s home on account of a discovery of child pornography, and that he had also stored the illicit material on his mother’s home computer, and had received counseling for his “problem.”

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