Viktor Orbán Warns Pope Francis: You Are Allowing Christianity to Perish

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Viktor Orbán slams Pope Francis for allowing migrants to destroy Christianity in Europe

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán warned Pope Francis that Christianity is being allowed to “perish” under his leadership, and told him to end his support for mass migration in Europe before its too late.

“At the meeting on Sunday, according to state media, Orban even handed the Pope a provocative gift: A copy of a letter from a 13th-century Hungarian king to then-Pope Innocent IV, asking for Rome’s help to defeat an onslaught of foreign invaders — an apparent reference to migrants in the 21st century,” CBS News noted. reports: Balazs Orban, Deputy Minister for the Prime Minister’s Office described the historical importance of the letter on Twitter.

“PM Orbán met Pope Francis and presented a letter that King Béla IV wrote for Pope Innocent IV in 1250,” he wrote. “The King warned of the looming threat of the Tatar invasion and called for the unity of Europe. He was ignored. 35 yrs later HU fended off the Tatars with great bloodshed.”

However, Pope Francis is unlikely to change his mind and this was emphasized when he told a crowd in Budapest that Hungarians should “extend their arms to everyone,” referring to migrants and refugees.

The Pope has repeatedly performed public relations stunts to advocate for mass migration from non-Christian countries into the west, including infamously when he met with the Rwandan refugee who later went on to kill a French priest and burn down a cathedral.

As we highlighted earlier this month, Orbán told a forum of leaders in Slovenia that “migration must be stopped” in order to preserve Europe’s cultural heritage.

Orbán has repeatedly warned that Europe’s native population decline is a “sickness” and that population replacement via mass migration represents “demographic suicide.”

The Hungarian leader has attempted to incentivize the country’s native population to have babies so as not to become dependent on importing migrants.

Hungary passed a policy in 2019 that rewarded married couples with a loan of €30,600 that was completely forgiven after they had three children.


  1. Yeah, when a politician has to tell el popo that he is allowing Christianity to be destroyed. No shame, no conscience, no remorse. Tick, tick, tick – yes, its a demon.

  2. ” to incentivize the country’s native population to have babies ”

    The situation is a little bit different :
    These incentives are tied to LEGAL incomes and mostly above a certain income level so it is the USEFUL, PRODUCTIVE part of the society is supported to reproduce . . .

  3. By design
    Anyone wonder why you had to mimic eating the body of Christ? Drinking his blood? I mean doesnt that sound like cannibalism?

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