WW2 U-Boat Found In Argentina Proves Top Nazi’s Escaped Germany

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The wreck of a World War 2 Nazi submarine has been found washed up on the coast of Argentina this week which experts believe to be the remnants of a German U-boat.

The wreck of a World War 2 Nazi submarine has been found washed up on the coast of Argentina this week which experts believe to be the remnants of a German U-boat. 

Many WW2 historians are hailing the find as proof that high ranking Nazi officials secretly escaped Germany after WW2, many of them fleeing to Argentina.

It’s even possible that Hitler himself left Germany in one of these U-boats, as reports of Hitler fleeing to Argentina have recently surfaced on the FBI’s own website.

Worldnewsdailyreport.com reports:

“This is very unexpected” admits WW2 historian and professor at University of Buenos Aires, Fernando Martin Gomez. “Not only is it exceptional to find such a wreck in such good a state after 70-years but I believe we also have to deal here with a very peculiar kind of German submarine, the Seehund (literally “seal”), a particular class of midget German submarine which might have been used for the sole purpose of bringing Nazi officials to South America at the end of the war” he told the Buenos Aires Times.

“What we have here is proof of German troops landing on Argentinian soil during WW2″ he explained. “We estimate that at least 5,000 Nazis fled to Argentina after the war. But this kind of military vessel must have been used only for a distinct few, possibly for top ranking officials of the Nazi organization” he admits, visibly enthused by the discovery.

Nazis in South America

It is estimated that over 9,000 Nazi war criminals fled to South America after WWII, finding refuge in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, countries that had stayed neutral during the conflict.

“The data clearly shows a large number of German high officials fled to South America after the end of the war. The idea that Hitler fled to South America is only know being more and more accepted by academic scholars” explains professor of History at University of Oxford, Winston H. Hollinger. “Declassified FBI files and the arrest of Herman Freudenstadt in 1987 clearly lead towards this possibility” acknowledges the expert.

Herman Freudenstadt, a former German Hauptsturmführer (Captain) in the SS police force and childhood friend of Hitler, was arrested in Argentina in 1987 and convicted for war crimes in Italy. His court statements still, to this day, cause much consternation amongst scholars after he claimed at the time to have fled with Hitler to South America in a submarine composed of a small crew of which a number of unnamed high ranking Nazi officials were allegedly part of, a story that created a media frenzy at the time but was dismissed by specialists.

“The discovery of this U-boat could lead some credence to the court statements of Herman Freudenstadt” admits professor Hollinger.

Recently declassified files have revealed that an estimated 9,000 Nazis, including Holocaust mastermind Adolf Eichmann and Auschwitz doctor Josef Mengele, fled to South America in the aftermath of the Second World War

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