Biden’s DHS Vows to Put Opposition on ‘No Fly List,’ Label Them ‘Suspected Domestic Extremists’

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Biden's DHS to put opposition on no-fly lists

Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is plotting to strip their political opposition of their rights by declaring them “suspected domestic extremists” and putting them on the No Fly List.

DHS appointee Alejandro Mayorkas made the announcement shortly after the Biden-Harris administration threw the border wide open.

The No Fly List was originally abused by the Bush administration to punish opponents like Senator Ted Kennedy for voicing opposition to the war in Iraq.

The Department of Homeland Security is considering monitoring the travel of domestic extremists and expanding its use of the No Fly List, law enforcement sources told POLITICO.

The discussions are part of the Biden administration’s strategy of treating domestic terror as a national security threat, and not just a law enforcement problem. They’re also part of broader conversations in government about how to use tools developed for the Global War on Terror to combat domestic extremism. And, if past is prologue, the approach could prove politically contentious.

The department could begin analyzing the travel patterns of suspected domestic extremists, monitor flights they book on short notice and search their luggage for weapons, a senior law enforcement official told POLITICO. There have also been discussions about putting suspected domestic violent extremists — a category that includes white supremacists — on the FBI’s No Fly List, the official said. When suspected extremists travel internationally, officials may be more likely to question them before they pass through customs and to search their phones and laptops.

A second law enforcement official told POLITICO that conversations about monitoring domestic extremists’ travel have involved multiple federal agencies at the interagency level, including the FBI.

“Domestic violent extremism poses the most lethal, persistent terrorism-related threat to our homeland today,” a DHS spokesperson said in response to a request for comment. “DHS is committed to improving security and is reviewing options for enhancing screening and vetting protocols and travel pattern analyses, consistent with privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties.” reports: A Muslim extremist just massacred 10 White people in Boulder and the FBI, despite having the shooter on their radar, did nothing to stop it.

Meanwhile, they’re looking at putting everyone on a No Fly List for stepping foot in the Capitol.

Officials at DHS are interested in international travel connected to the kind of ideologically motivated terrorism that inspired the Capitol insurrection, the official added, and may increase this focus. An unclassified U.S. intelligence assessment released earlier this month highlighted the intelligence community’s interest in domestic extremists’ international travel.

Previous DHS efforts to combat domestic terror have generated volcanic political opposition. Early in the Obama administration, DHS intelligence analyst Daryl Johnson wrote a paper warning about the growing far right threat. Congressional Republicans were incensed, and Obama’s then-Homeland Security chief withdrew the report. That episode had a chilling effect at DHS, signaling that analysts scrutinized the threat at their own peril.

The Biden regime is far more extreme than even Obama.

Top DHS leaders now want to reverse that dynamic. In his confirmation hearing, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas called domestic terror “one of the greatest threats that we face currently on our homeland.”

Around the same time, Mayorkas said that our border being overrun was not a “crisis.”

[…] On January 7, Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) — the chair of the House Committee on Homeland Security — called on the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the FBI to use the no-fly list to keep suspected perpetrators of the January 6 attack from boarding planes.

The week after January 6, a top FBI official said the Bureau was “actively looking at” adding the names of Capitol attackers to the No Fly List. And the week before Inauguration Day, the head of the TSA said the agency was working “to ensure those who may pose a threat to our aviation sector undergo enhanced screening or are prevented from boarding an aircraft.” His statement did not mention the No Fly List.

According to the officials who spoke to POLITICO, conversations about domestic extremism and the No Fly List aren’t just limited to people who attacked the Capitol on January 6.

The threat from domestic terrorists has grown in recent years, and — per the Center for Strategic and International Studies — white supremacists were responsible for two thirds of all terror plots and attacks in 2020. But the Trump White House largely downplayed the threat from white supremacists as the president instead tweeted ceaselessly about Antifa. The Trump national counterterrorism strategy — a 2018 document — only mentioned the threat in two brief paragraphs. And DHS officials who tried to combat the problem under Trump told POLITICO last year that a barrage of crises within the administration hampered their ability to get much done.

The Center for Strategic and International Studies is controlled by Thomas Pritzker of the billionaire transgender extremist Pritzker family.

The Anti-Defamation League’s data found 2020 had the least “domestic extremist-related” killings in over a decade (only 17 in total).

[…] The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and other civil rights groups have long lambasted the feds’ use of the secretive No Fly List. Americans on the list don’t have the right to know why exactly they’re on it, and it can be difficult or impossible to get removed once they’re there. The ACLU has called it “an indefinite Kafkaesque nightmare.”

Groups advocating for American Muslims have participated in multiple lawsuits to remove people’s names from the list. They scored an incremental win related to travel restrictions at the Supreme Court last December. The justices voted unanimously to let three Muslim men sue FBI agents who promised to help get them off the No Fly List if they aided Bureau surveillance of other Muslims. That case, Tanzin v. Tanvir, is ongoing.

Federal efforts to stop terrorists from traveling have even ensnared lawmakers. The late Sen. Ted Kennedy famously said he was stopped and interrogated multiple times at airports, and the late civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis said he was held up more than 35 times in one year, per CNN.

Details of the FBI list are scant. In 2016, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said fewer than 1,000 U.S. persons are on it. If the DHS and FBI talks reach fruition, that number could grow.

I’m sure the list already has grown.

Robert Rundo — a member of the Rise Above Movement who was arrested in 2017 for fighting with antifa at Trump rallies and charged with “conspiracy to commit rioting” and “travel or use of interstate commerce with intent to riot” under the archaic Anti-Riot Act — said last year that he was put on the No Fly List in 2017 under the Trump administration even though the charges against him were thrown out by a California judge.

Rundo said he now has to drive to Mexico and avoid US airspace in order to leave America.

Earlier this month, the Ninth Circuit reinstated some of the charges against him and 3 others by claiming they were justified as a form of pre-crime.

The Ninth Circuit’s ruling stated that “it would be cavalier to assert that the government and its citizens cannot act, but must sit quietly and wait until they are actually physically injured or have had their property destroyed by those who are trying to perpetrate, or cause the perpetration of, those violent outrages against them” — i.e. we must imprison people for crimes we suspect they’ll commit before they commit them.

Lest anyone think this will only apply to the “far-right” or “Capitol rioters,” the extremists who comprise the Biden regime believe you’re an extremist if you don’t support drugging children with opposite sex hormones and providing them with “sex changes.”

Senator Rand Paul is the only Republican with any power who is speaking out against this extremist ideology — most Republicans are just going along with it in service of megadonors like Jennifer Pritzker and Paul Singer.

All these rules the Biden regime claim are meant for the “far-right” and “domestic extremists” are meant for all of us — Christians, Patriots, everyday Trump supporters and the Silent Majority of “Deplorables” who don’t want to see their country destroyed from within.

As Tucker Carlson said bluntly earlier this year, the Democratic Party is “planning a war on half of America.”

This is blatantly obvious if you take just one look at the vicious, vindictive persecution of those who were anywhere near the Capitol on Jan 6.


    • I don’t think he was the first. Not at all. I think LBJ, Clinton,Obama, were of voter fraud. and Bush junior.

  1. ALL alphabet agency employees are GLOBO-H-O-M-O leftists who deserve the punishment of traitors. There is no such thing as as a good cop. If so they would arrest the ones abusing their power.

  2. The days of travel are over anyhow, too many hoops to jump through and getting caught up in all the contact tracing and bs vaccines, no thanks. Its a shame, but the satanists want us in our grids, with their nanotech vaccines injected into us.

  3. This is what a dictatorship does. Biden is a tryant, just like Obama. These Dems are crazy with power. They care nothing for their country or their fellow citizens.

  4. Biden is a Gorge Bush wana be or a Jim Jones wanabe. I think the latter is most probable and his followers suffer from the Jonestown syndrome. The entire lot of them are severely brainwashed. Jim Jones was a democrat too. He even helped get many elected as his followers, did whatever he told them to, so they voted for the dems. Everyone at the time thought Jones was a saint. Boy could he suck people into his world of insanity.

  5. They have always done that Its why ” always the same ,always the opposite ” has such history .Right from the times they tortured Christians to death as terrorists Convicted Jesus of Sedition Shoved Jews into gas ovens Burned innocents as witches And the victims ,seeing the truth ,know the truth .And the ” good citizens ” the ” well respected members of the community” laughed with glee .

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