The World Should Be Completely ‘Back to Normal’ By End of 2022 Says Bill Gates

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Bill Gates

Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates has predicted that the world should be “back to normal” by the end of 2022 thanks to the coronavirus vaccines.

Gates told Polish media: “By the end of 2022 we should be basically completely back to normal” according to Reuters

The Microsoft co-founder said the pandemic “is an incredible tragedy” adding that the only good news was the access to vaccines.

Breitbart reports: Gates’ philanthropic Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has donated $1.75 billion to support vaccines and possible treatments to combat the pandemic worldwide.

Gates made a similar prediction regarding when life may get back to normal in December.

“Certainly, by the summer will be way closer to normal than we are now, but even through early 2022, unless we help other countries get rid of this disease and we get high vaccinations rates in our country, the risk of reintroduction will be there and, of course, the global economy will be slowed down, which hurts America economically in a pretty dramatic way,” the billionaire said in an interview with CNN. “So we will have, starting in the summer, about nine months where a few things like big public gatherings will still be restricted. But we can see now that somewhere between 12 to 18 months, we have a chance, if we manage it well, to get back to normal.”

Gates made headlines in February when he said that he believes “rich countries” such as United States, should switch to consuming 100 percent synthetic beef to combat climate change.

“I don’t think the poorest 80 countries will be eating synthetic meat. I do think all rich countries should move to 100% synthetic beef. You can get used to the taste difference, and the claim is they’re going to make it taste even better over time,” the former Microsoft CEO told MIT Technology Review. “Eventually, that green premium is modest enough that you can sort of change the [behavior of] people or use regulation to totally shift the demand.”


  1. No it won’t. All the leftist corporations will have further consolidated their unconstitutional grip of power on the former greatest country in the world. “Normal” is only a memory that exists in the minds of those who are old enough to to remember it.

    • Because he donates hundreds of millions to scientific research Luke Epstein He used to donate 200 million pa .For decades .Maybe he donated to causes they didnt like Who knows ?

  2. Just in time to be forced to eat his meatless meat made from grass, weeds and sawdust. No thanks.

  3. It should NEVER have been made a normal .Onl the frail aged and those with preexisting serious heart lung or terminal illnesses should have bern quarantined No one else .End of story .Nobody needs a y vqccine at all Just a absolutely stupid when the ACTUAL real PANDEMIC is cancer And that’s because the ZIQ was ordered to develop I curable strains secretly ,just as scientists would ha e bern handsomely paid ,by ” philanthropists ” to invent Covid .And they arent patriotic nationalists either .Nor are the ” philanthropists “

    • CIA used Dr Gerrie and Baker to invent incurable cancers ,and I saw a senior scientist boasting with delight just a few years ago ,maybe about 8, that now they have got I curable cancer ” Always the same ,always the opposite ” ” Never trust anybody ” Quern Mum .” We are ALL disposable to them ” Queen Elizabeth .Wolves in sheeps clothing.

  4. Funding from the European Medicines Agency finds 3964 deaths 162000 injuries following vaccination .Doesnt include the potentially most dangerous apparently ,the Johnson and Johnson ,who sold baby talc for decades that caused lung cancers ( and it was COMMON KNOWLEDGE in australia since the early 1969s ,but they kept selling it advertising it ,just like BRITISH TOBACCO ),and who made napalm bombs for vietnamese civilian targets

  5. The word wont go back to normal until someone puts a bullet in the head of scum like Gates, Soros, all the Democraps and all of their conspirators. Its a shame all the murdering psychos are supporters of these people.

  6. They’re frickin weirdos Bow Queensland ,just half flooded out is going into l8ckdown because they detected one suspected case of covid That’s someone with a slight temperature So they’re locking down the prisons hospitals a d aged care detention centres for the soon to be terminated See ? Mental as anything.

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