Florida Students Warned They Will be ‘Re-Educated’ If Caught Not Wearing Masks

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Florida students masks

Florida high school students have been warned that they will be “re-educated” on the importance of wearing face masks if they are caught on school premises not wearing a muzzle face covering.

This ominous and unpleasant term is one usually reserved for Communist dictatorships.

An advisory posted on the Clearwater High School’s website about face mask policy tells students, teachers, staff and any visitors that face masks are mandatory on all parts of school property as well as on the school buses.

Summit News reports: The section on “noncompliance” then spells out the punishment for anyone caught flouting the rules.

“The wearing of a face covering is a public health issue. Students who do not wear a mask when it is required (or refuse to do so), should first be reeducated on the importance of wearing a mask,” states the advisory.

“If after reeducation occurs, they still do not comply, the student’s administrator should be contacted,” it adds, outlining that parents will also be contacted and the student will be forced to switch to online learning if non-compliance continues.

The mask rule remains in place despite Florida Governor Ron DeSantis never issuing a statewide mask mandate and Florida being one of the states that has tried to keep COVID-19 lockdown restrictions to a minimum.

The term “re-education” is normally used in the context of involuntary political indoctrination and was a concept embraced by historical Communist dictatorships.

In its modern parlance, the term is applied to dissidents in authoritarian states such as North Korea and China, where political prisoners and minority groups are “re-educated” out of their anti-state beliefs through forced labor and indoctrination while imprisoned in “re-education camps.”

Leftists and authoritarians have repeatedly suggested that so-called “anti-vaxxers” and people who refuse to wear masks should be arrested and “re-educated” in government facilities.


  1. The whole thing is an exercise in Obedience training They know masks are rubbish every Doctor knows and mist nurses .Its common knowledge really. That’s the point The whole things a rerun if the Emperors new clothes which is about how totally stupid people are Not just those at the too like the Emperor but all the rest who are completely mind contrilked by those who make fabrications How a cunning story telling Deceiver can reel in a lot of suckers Especially if they’re really cowards ..

  2. H O M E ~ S C H O O L .. there’s no way my children will be in these indoctrination camps.

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