UK Gov’t Bombshell: ‘COVID Vaccines Are Killing Working Age People in Record Numbers’

Fact checked
UK government admit covid jabs are killing working age people in record numbers

The UK government has admitted that alarming numbers of vaccinated working age people across the country are ‘dropping dead in record numbers.’

According to data released by MHRA – the UK’s drug regulator – huge numbers of young, healthy adults have died in the last two years.

Steve Kirsch reports: When they see huge numbers of reports into the UK Yellow Card system (their version of VAERS), they actually think that it means that the reporting system is working (rather than the drug is unsafe).

Think I’m kidding? Watch this 17-minute video segment from UK Professor Norman Fenton (he just posted it 2 hours ago so you can be one of the first to see this):

Next, check out the Ofcom site. They are the government censor organization that regulates media companies in the UK and will give them heavy fines if they go against the narrative. Check out what they did to Mark Steyn. OfCom was instrumental in having Mark Steyn fired. In their memo, they said Steyn was wrong, yet they didn’t show the correct number. In other words, they can declare you are wrong without telling you the CORRECT number. Convenient isn’t it?

This is why Neil Oliver has been effectively silenced. It’s not because Neil Oliver thinks the vaccines are safe all of a sudden.

Ofcom of course will not penalize you for spreading misinformation if it comports with the government narrative. So watch this video which is clearly false and misleading. The video says if you got the AstraZeneca vaccine, you cannot die or be hospitalized for any reason for the next 14 days. It basically makes you immortal. They are thinking of injecting Ukrainian soldiers with AZ since they cannot die for the next 14 days. No Ofcom sanctions on that one.

Also, John Campbell is now at 2 strikes on YouTube. One more strike and YouTube will obliterate everything he’s ever posted and ban him for life for spreading misinformation.

Because that’s the way science works in the UK where there isn’t a constitutional right to free speech like there was in America.


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