Outrage in Spain As Pedophiles Parade Around Naked Kids During ‘Pride’

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Pedophiles in spain are now openly parading around children during 'pride' marches

Video has emerged online of children being forced to take part in a pro-pedophilia event in Spain wearing skimpy underwear with rainbow ‘Pride’ flags attached to their backs.

The footage, taken at an annual carnival in Torrevieja, shows the so called ‘Osadía troupe’ marching with several naked children.

Modernity.news reports: In addition to the erotic skimpy garter belts and stockings, the children have had black tape “Xs” placed over their nipples, and have had full makeup applied to their faces.

The video shows the children being instructed to mimick adults performing provocative gyrating gestures through the streets of the Alicante town in front of onlooking adult bystanders and other children.

In one video, a woman is seen putting something, presumably sweets, into the mouths of the children as they move around.

Some of those who posted the footage noted that the titled of the ‘performance’ was “Prometer hasta meter” which translates to “promise until you commit.”

Other videos highlighted adults wearing the same outfits and performing the same routine:

One respondent writing in Spanish noted “Spain. Children dressed as sex objects parade to the delight of local pedophiles. Progressivism they call it.”

Others called for arrests:

This is not an isolated incident. Children are being subjected to overtly sexual activity at Pride events everywhere.


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