CNN on Brink of Collapse as Ratings Drop to Lowest Ever Recorded

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CNN on brink of collapse as ratings plunge to record low

CNN could soon face the axe after suffering its lowest ratings ever recorded last week, according to reports.

CNN could barely scrape 444,000 total day viewers from Feb. 7 – 13.

Even in primetime, CNN couldn’t attract half a million viewers, averaging just 491,000. reports: Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson registered an average of 3.5 million viewers in the same slot.

As the report notes, more people are choosing to watch dreadful shows including Ancient Aliens on the History Channel, and The Real Housewives of Orange County on Bravo than are watching CNN at primetime.

CNN’s morning show, New Day averaged only 363,000 viewers, an abysmal number.

As we have previously noted, CNN has lost 90 percent of their viewers in the past year.

People have turned it off in droves, becoming tired of years of formulaic leftist opinion-driven drivel interlaced with crackpot Russian collusion dross, all topped off with a raft of sexual scandals at CNN HQ.

Yet the likes of Brian Stelter seem incapable of self reflection, instead questioning why people think CNN has lost all credibility and calling it fake news.

The guy keeps complaining about how other content creators such as Joe Rogan are now seen as more credible than CNN.

Maybe because the more popular content creators and news sources didn’t claim Russia was secretly running America for five years straight.

Maybe because they don’t creep around schools, spreading their legs in front of kids and ‘educating’ them on what ‘misinformation’ is.

The most popular sources have not for years now campaigned for outright censorship of any and all of their competitors, no matter who they are.

They also tend not to exclusively have on guests who work for their own network and pretend they are impartial while they wax lyrical about how they have “saved democracy” in America.


  1. Yeah the average people, might be silent, well are silent, but actions speak louder than words. And it’s reassuring to see so many people being proactive in refusing to buy into bull dust.

  2. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving “news” channel. I do not want to meet any of the 444,000 idiots who are still watching it.

  3. If people don’t watch CNN it’s because they’re far right racist misogynists. So in fact the tumbling viewing figures just highlights the increasing problem of far right racist misogynists. It’s clear those in power need to crack down on more freedoms. Freedoms just allow far right facist misogynists to be more racist and misogynist so it’s probably best just to abolish all freedoms. That way everyone can just stay at home and watch CNN. That’ll teach ‘em!

  4. CNN, like most of the MSM, sacrificed any remaining credibility by actively working to prevent President Trump from having a fair shot at the presidency in 2016 with admittedly biased reporting. After realizing they no longer controlled the narrative they drew up a blueprint to remove all of their competition for eyeballs from YouTube, and by 2018 most of the purge they had engineered had been completed by Big Tech.

  5. New Day is from the golden dawn cult. New idea, the Neueman, Newman, all that from the same basic new world anti Christian pagan revivalist under King’s and the Pope. It’s all convoluted like every tangled Web, by the overlapping ideology of Kings Announted by Christian Bishops and Pope’s as God’s Stewards, and Jesus as King of the Jews and King of Israel and as God himself Supreme Lord over every Pope and every Monarch. That’s why they hate him. But they’re totally duplicitious and conniving and manipulative and deceitful about it. Satan, the Great Deceiver.

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