President Trump Releases New Video – ‘Hillary Is DEFINITELY Going to Prison’

Fact checked
President Trump says Hillary Clinton is definitely going to prison this time, in new vid

On Wednesday President Trump released a new video entitled “Justice is Coming for Hillary,” in which he declared that the twice-failed presidential candidate would soon be locked away behind bars.

Last week, Special Counsel John Durham released a bombshell report that detailed how Hillary Clinton and her goons illegally hacked the White House and spied on Donald Trump when he was President.

The video below exposes how Hillary Clinton in collusion with the mainstream media attempted to gas light the public while committing treason: reports: Trump spokesperson Liz Harrington posted this cartoon tonight from The Spectator.

President Trump is also attacking the fake news media that refuses to report the truth on the biggest political scandal in US history.


  1. No disrespect Mr. President but we’ve all heard that tune before. Until someone is willing to prosecute her she will continue to walk free.

  2. There is a very good chance the law will be enforced.
    As unlikely at it seems, the procedure is actually moving forward in the way that it should.
    The thing to really be worried about is how that event could be used for the purpose of imposing the Great Resent and the New world Order.
    Surely, the people behind those affronts will have contingency plans for such occurrences.

  3. Everyone should read Emerald Robinson’s recent Substack article about Durham’s investigation. I agree with her that nothing is going to come of it and she explains why.

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