Woman Denied Life-Saving Cancer Treatment By Oregon Hospital Because She Criticized Trans Flag

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A woman receiving life-saving cancer treatment at Oregon Health & Science University was told she can no longer be a patient at the clinic after she criticized a transgender flag hanging prominently at the entrance.

The hospital told the woman that she had to go for “re-education” if she wanted to continue treatment, however she refused.

The woman provided screenshots to Libs of TikTok of her exchange with the hospital.

Hospitals are becoming increasingly likely to reject patients for failing to fall in line with the far-left political orthodoxy.

Hospitals in Australia are refusing to provide emergency treatment for a sixteen-year-old girl who urgently requires a double lung transplant due to the side effects of chemotherapy and surgery.

According to the hospitals, the unvaccinated sixteen-year-old girl would be a “threat” to the health of the other patients and medical staff if she enters the premises.

In essence, the hospitals are attempting to coerce a child into a severely contraindicated medical treatment that is dangerous for her, especially due to her cancer background, and are withholding lifesaving care to this child.

According to Australian MP Russell Broadbent, this is homicidal and criminal behavior that needs to be prosecuted. Watch:

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