Mexican MP: Recent Earthquakes Were Caused By Underground Nukes

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Mexican MP claims recent earthquakes were artificial, possibly the result of North Korean nuclear bombs

Mexican MP Carmen Salinas says she has evidence that the recent earthquakes in Mexico were man-made, caused by a underground nuclear explosions. 

In an interview with a Mexican TV station, Salinas accused North Korea of detonating nuclear bombs beneath Mexico in order to induce devastating earthquakes, such as the recent 7.1. quake that killed 350 citizens and saw 5,400 more injured.

“All the bombs he’s setting off like a madman, because this man is mad, move the sea. This is horrible. Believe me. This affects things,” she told the interviewer. reports:  One critic said: “This woman shouldn’t be an MP. There are so many professionals who are more prepared and could do a better job but are earning a salary 1,000 times less.”

Local Erika Ballinas added on social media, highlighting the documented fact Salinas has the lowest educational level of any current Mexican MP: “I can confirm this woman didn’t finish primary school. How is it possible that someone like Carmen Salinas can be an MP. Has this woman ever heard of tectonic plates!!!”

North Korea conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear bomb test at the start of the month and said recently it might test a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific Ocean.

In an escalating war of words between the US and the Pyongyang regime, North Korea’s Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho has accused Donald Trump of declaring war on the rogue nation.

Trump press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the idea was “absurd.”

The US president has admitted the country is “totally prepared” for a war with North Korea, saying it would be “devastating” and accusing Kim Jong Un of “acting very badly” with his nuclear testing.

Carmen, 77, made her TV debut in 1964 and has appeared in more than 30 television shows and more than 110 films, working alongside actors including Denzel Washington.

She was chosen to stand as a PRI MP in 2015 after declaring in a newspaper interview the same year she had been a supporter of the party since “she had the use of reason.”

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