VIDEO: Mainstream Media Reports on Dead Doctors In July – Then Silenced?

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We here at YourNewsWire have reported on the mysterious case of dead doctor after dead doctor being found, and also the possible reasoning behind their deaths (which you can read here).

YouTube video creator Professor Doom 1 (link to his page) has discovered a strange anomaly – it seems that mainstream media, a local CBS News in Florida to be exact, DID report about the suspicious circumstances around their deaths back in July, when only 6 had been found dead.

At the time, CBS reported:

A sinister murder plot or a mere coincidence?

Six doctors found dead in recent months.

The sixth, a retired OBGYN, was found shot to death in his home this week.

Four of the doctors were found in Florida, two are from our area.

It’s been a month since an outspoken Boca Raton holistic doctor Bruce Hedendal was found dead in his car on Father’s Day with no explanation.

With more doctors mysteriously dying in the area, loved ones are pushing for answers.

“It came as such a shock,” said Pamela Consbruck.  “We would like to know and see an investigation into this because he was not the only doctor that has died mysteriously.”

Consbruck says Hedendal was in great physical shape.  He was an outspoken critic of traditional medicine which has raised questions as to if he was targeted.

“He was very athletic and there are no reasons for him to drop dead like that,” said Consbruck.

On Sunday, Dr. Ronald Schwartz was found shot to death in his Jupiter home. While he was a retired OBGYN and did not practice holistic medicine, his death is still causing alarm within the medical industry.

“When things like that happen, I tend to get a little bit suspicious,”said Jupiter Holistic Dr. Bruce Herman.

“Why are all these doctors mysteriously dying, disappearing or have been murdered?” said Consbruck.

While the investigations into these deaths continue, it should also be noted that not all of the doctors found dead practiced holistic medicine.

Where things begin to get strange, as the YouTube video by Professor Doom 1 points out, is that the article was never updated.  Many, many more doctors have gone missing or have died since this article, yet there is no update, no bigger mainstream coverage – and, perhaps most suspiciously, no national or international mainstream coverage.

Watch his video below and let us know what you think!

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