Poll: Only 8% Fully Support Extinction Rebellion

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Only 8 percent of the public fully support Extinction Rebellion

A new poll reveals that only 8% of people support the message and methods of protest used by Extinction Rebellion.

A survey for the Telegraph newspaper in Britain reveals that 54% of respondents think climate change protests have been a massive “waste of time” and that the demonstrators are “protesting for the sake of protesting.”

A further 12% think “everyone has a right to protest, but don’t agree with them,” while 26% “agree with the cause” but disagree with “how they go about protesting.”

That leaves a tiny 8% who fully support the movement’s message and their methods of protest.

Summit.news reports: As we highlighted yesterday, furious commuters in London dragged Extinction Rebellion demonstrators from the top of trains in a stunning illustration of how many working class people detest the group’s activities.

The group’s co-founder Stuart Basden also admitted in an article that Extinction Rebellion “isn’t about the climate” and is instead about toppling western civilization, right down to ending the notion that heterosexuality is “normal.”

With their two week long protest set to end tomorrow, protesters once again descended on Westminster today after blocking Oxford Circus with a wooden pyramid structure.

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