Poll: Only 8% Fully Support Extinction Rebellion

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Only 8 percent of the public fully support Extinction Rebellion

A new poll reveals that only 8% of people support the message and methods of protest used by Extinction Rebellion.

A survey for the Telegraph newspaper in Britain reveals that 54% of respondents think climate change protests have been a massive “waste of time” and that the demonstrators are “protesting for the sake of protesting.”

A further 12% think “everyone has a right to protest, but don’t agree with them,” while 26% “agree with the cause” but disagree with “how they go about protesting.”

That leaves a tiny 8% who fully support the movement’s message and their methods of protest.

Summit.news reports: As we highlighted yesterday, furious commuters in London dragged Extinction Rebellion demonstrators from the top of trains in a stunning illustration of how many working class people detest the group’s activities.

The group’s co-founder Stuart Basden also admitted in an article that Extinction Rebellion “isn’t about the climate” and is instead about toppling western civilization, right down to ending the notion that heterosexuality is “normal.”

With their two week long protest set to end tomorrow, protesters once again descended on Westminster today after blocking Oxford Circus with a wooden pyramid structure.


  1. As an old guy forced to watch and experience the mayhem that this world has become, I hope my remaining days are few.

  2. Letter from A parent to…


    On Friday, instead of going to high school, you participated in the protest for climate protection and saving the planet. You can not imagine how proud we were to see you involved in such an essential cause. Deeply moved by so much maturity and nobility of soul, we were totally conquered by the relevance of your fight.

    Also, I inform you that your mother and I have decided to be unfailingly supportive and, from today, to do everything to reduce the carbon footprint of our family.

    So to start, we get rid of all the smartphones in the house. And then also television. You will see no objection, of course, that your console suffers the same fate: it is said that they contain rare metals that children, like you, extract under the ground in shameful conditions.

    Of course, we undertook to also terminate all telephone subscriptions and Internet access box. We realized that all these gigantic data centers that store data from social networks and films in “steaming” are energy sinkholes. I also contacted a plumber to remove the energy-consuming air conditioning system. We will replace it with low consumption fans which we will strive not to misuse.

    We also think that it is necessary to correct our lifestyles: we will therefore stop going on holiday at ski or abroad. Neither on the Côte d’Azur with the camper that, by the way, we have the firm intention to resell. And of course, finished the plane! For next summer, your mother and I planned to go up the Canal du Midi by the banks, by bike. As you will now go to college with your ATV, it will give you a great workout. Yes, because the battery of your electric scooter is not recyclable, you will have to forget this mode of locomotion. But it’s already done, I guess.

    Ah! for your clothes, we decided not to buy brands anymore (these clothes are made by children’s hands in third world countries as you know). You will approve us, we are convinced of it. We therefore plan to buy clothes made of eco-friendly materials, such as linen or wool, which we will choose preferably unbleached (dyes are among the largest pollutants).

    In the process, we will go organic food and focus on short circuits. And to go short, we even think of buying chickens to have fresh eggs on hand: you’ll love! Your mother even thought of a sheep to mow the grass. And then, I sent a formal application to the mayor to obtain the allocation of a parcel in shared family gardens. We are counting on you to help us grow our vegetables. It goes without saying that, in this process, we will ban industrial foods. Sorry for the Coke and Nutella you used to eat and which you will have to deprive yourself now. But we do not doubt for a moment your approval.

    Finally, to overcome the lack of distractions by screens, in the evening, we will return to reading (in books recycled paper, it goes without saying) or we will play chess and why not small horses: there is a eternity that we have not done any part of this hilarious game. We will buy a tray and wooden pieces of the Jura, as it should. And we will make sure to go to bed earlier to save light.

    Here we are, you are sure that you will adhere fully to this friendly program that is part of your direct line to save the planet. And we thank you again for opening our eyes.

    Your parents who admire you and who love you.

    (mail written on recycled paper)

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