Number-One Tennis Star Disabled by Booster Shot

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Top tennis star Gael Monfils left disabled by booster shot

Number-one tennis star Gael Monfils has been left temporarily disabled and unable to play at next week’s Davis cup after suffering health problems caused by the booster shot.

The French tennis player made the announcement on social media on Tuesday.

Monfils is ranked as 25th best player in the world, and won his first title in two years in Adelaide recently.

Dozens of Athletes Are Dropping Like Flies and Nobody’s Allowed To Ask Why reports:Monfils wrote on Tuesday: “Hello everyone, I wanted to give you some news following my recent rest in tournaments. I suffered a small health problem (probably following my third dose of the vaccine). On the advice of my doctor, I decided to take time to rest. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to play the Davis Cup next week. I hope to be able to return to the United States.”

Monfils is the second French tennis player injured by the Covid vaccine. In September last year, tennis star Jeremy Chardy suffered a severe adverse reaction to the Pfizer vaccine he had received in August. Chardy has not played a match since the US Open last summer and has dropped to number 138 in the world. Before his vaccine injury, he was ranked at number 73.


  1. They are so well paid they don’t care and they give themselves exemptions which let them roam about amongst the public as if fully vaxxed when they aren’t at all And they know they’re no danger to anyone.

  2. We need to render Biden and Fauci to some responsible court for trial on this continuing genocide. Until Nuremberg 2 kicks off, this worldwide criminal cartel will continue to kill us and destroy our social fabric.

  3. There are none so blind as those who stubbornly refuse to see what is right in front of their eyes. Let’s hear it for the “safe” and “effective” vaxx!

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