45 Pedophiles Who Planned To Eat Children Arrested on Sickening Array of Child Sex Charges

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Forty-five pedophiles have been arrested by authorities in Greenville County, South Carolina on charges ranging from child trafficking, human trafficking, child sexual abuse, and cannibalism.

“Sheriff told us about a man who he said wanted to eat a child. Yes. Eat her as in cannibalism, and that was just one of the shocking details we heard at that press conference,” said a local reporter.

“A gentleman wanted a child brought to him that he could eat, physically cannibalize,” confirmed Sheriff Will Lewis. Watch:

“That was Justin Teeter Bensing,” continued the report, “who also, according to this warrant, planned to kidnap a child and make her drink her own pee to get him off.”

“You wanna talk about the depravity of humanity? Look at these people,” said Sheriff Lewis, before explaining that one of the suspects “took an erectile dysfunction pill before he got there.

And then he injected himself with testosterone into his genitals. All while thinking he was meeting a 14 year old, like many of the people who knocked at this door.”

Perhaps it is time for the mainstream media to revisit the Pizzagate information again with a more discerning eye.

This news story is essentially the case that was being made about Pizzagate and the mainstream media put its head in the sand, obstructed investigations, and claimed there were no people like this in the world.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry

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