Mainstream Media Finally Admit: “Gov’t Is Manipulating Our Weather”

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MSM admits government is manipulating our weather

The mainstream media has finally admitted what the alternative media has been reporting for years: governments across the world are secretly manipulating the weather using top-secret geoengineering technology.

A new report by ABC News is catching the attention of many Americans as it calls for a weather modification technique called cloud seeding to save areas like the Colorado River, which is suffering a drought. reports: ABC News Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee told the audience, “There are currently 42 cloud-seeding projects across the American West, like this one in Utah where they take planes like this with flares attached. They fly right into the storm and send microscopic [silver iodide] particles into the cloud.”

Zee later told the mainstream news audience that studies since the 1940s have allegedly shown no environmental or health effects in relation to the spraying.

Asked by her colleague if there is “anything wrong with manipulating nature like this,” Zee oddly compared the cloud-seeding operations to parking lots and buildings.

“That’s the question we should have asked when we built every single parking lot and every rooftop, we have been manipulating weather with our… us, for a very long time,” she said.

Concluding her statement, Zee admitted we need to keep an eye on how people “downstream” are affected by the weather modification operations.

Some researchers are even using artificial intelligence to program and operate cloud-seeding drones.

ABC was sure to tell viewers “studies” have shown no negative environmental impact from the cloud-seeding operations.

“Thanks for making another conspiracy theory mainstream news though,” joked hip-hop artist An0maly.

The mainstream media anchors were astonished at the technology being used to manipulate the weather, but even ABC reported back in 2001 and 2016 cloud seeding was being done in the U.S.

In 2001, the outlet explained the state of Texas was cloud seeding over one-third of the state, “a region of some 45 million acres.”

In 2016, ABC bluntly stated, “Yes, humans can actually modify the weather and it’s been going on for decades. Here’s the lowdown on how cloud seeding works.”

The article noted, as Zee did, that weather modification has “been going on all over the world for decades,” citing the 1940s as the period modern cloud seeding began.

Meanwhile, as scientists manipulate the weather without full knowledge of how it could alter the climate elsewhere, the average American is being shamed by the political establishment for drinking out of plastic straws and driving vehicles with gasoline engines.

It’s plausible the 42 known cloud-seeding operations and an unknown amount of other weather manipulation schemes are more responsible for the recent increase in extreme weather events than “global warming.”

The ABC reporter specifically covered a cloud seeding organization in Utah, where a massive avalanche just occurred at a ski resort.

Internet users mocked the media for basically confirming what many have called a conspiracy theory.

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