Tucker Carlson: There Is Systemic Racism Against Whites In The US

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"Everyone knows it, but nobody says it"

Tucker Carlson

In his latest episode of Uncensored: Tucker Carlson discussed ‘Systemic Racism Against White Americans‘.

He said: “There is systemic racism in the United States against whites. Everyone knows it. Nobody says it. How come?”

Author Jeremy Carl who wrote The Unprotected Class, How anti-White Racism Is Tearing America Apart joined Carlson to discuss the issue.

Tucker started off by saying:  If somehow you were able to be airlifted directly or teleported directly from 1994 to 2024, you’d notice an awful lot of changes. Primary among them would be the internet. But the biggest change you’d probably notice about our public conversation is how white people were so openly attacked and denigrated. Yes, a racial group. So in 1994, you were about 30 years past the civil rights movement. And in 1994, the operating assumption of virtually everyone in the United States was the main lesson of the civil rights movement. Of the letter from the Birmingham Jail on the Edmund Pettus Bridge, and all the different sacred moments that we grew up hearing about.

The main lesson of those moments was it is immoral, in fact, unacceptable to attack people on the basis of their race.

So then, if you fast forward 30 years to find the same country engaged in a public hate frenzy against people because of their race, you would find that bewildering. How did this happen? Of course, there would be the discrimination, the institutional racism of hurting people on the basis of their race in hiring, in admissions to schools, in federal contracting, in promotions, there would be all of that.

But there would also be the public manifestation of it, of saying out loud, “We just don’t like you. You’re not as good. You are morally defective because of your skin color.” You say this about white people, people who founded the United States. You’d be shocked by that. And then to turn on the TV and see the President of the United States do the very same thing. You’d think maybe you’d been drinking ayahuasca.

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