Rand Paul Puts Fauci on Notice: You Ignore Natural Immunity Because It Foils Your ‘New World Order’ Agenda

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Sen. Rand Paul blasts Fauci for ignoring natural immunity because it foils his diabolical plan

Senator Rand Paul has put NIAID director Anthony Fauci on notice, warning that his refusal to acknowledge the benefits of natural immunity to Covid masks his real, hidden agenda.

“Hey, this guy has an opinion on baseball, hockey, Tinder, and Christmas, but he was asked the other day about natural immunity that you acquire after the disease, he is like, ‘Oh, that is really interesting thought, I never thought about that. I don’t have an opinion because I haven’t thought about naturally acquired immunity,’” Paul said during a Fox Business News interview.

“He has and he is lying to you.”

“The reason he won’t bring up natural immunity is because it foils his plans to get everybody possible vaccinated,” Paul added.

“He thinks it might slow down vaccination. And I’m for people getting vaccinated particularly people at risk, but the thing is, if you ignore naturally acquired immunity then you’re saying we don’t have enough people, you have to force it on younger people,” the Senator warned.

“There was a statistic that came out that somebody put together today. If you’re 85, your chances of dying are 10,000 times greater than if you’re 10. Should we treat a 10-year-old the same we treat an 85-year-old? It is nonsense.”


Summit.news reports: Last week Paul told Biden health secretary Xavier Becerra to his face that he is a ‘arrogant, authoritarian, and un-American’ for ridiculing people who choose natural immunity over vaccinations.

Paul further warned that health officials are acting ‘hysterical’ when it comes to unvaccinated people, and that what they are claiming is “actually the opposite of the truth.”


  1. course Its just like the heretic hunting catholic traditions ,You cant disgree withg the infallible omniscient cathloic and their science you know Never could unless you wanted to be burned or tortured to death or beheaded if they wetre feeling generous,

    • Well he can just tell the truth That will confuse everyone without even trying to deceive them Something so out of olave in politics would send the people into suspicion mode The alternative of course is just to tell the usual for profit corporate fascist money bag lies.

  2. randy has never had any of his shots? I hope he never gets rabbies or anything his super human body can`t fight off on it`s own

    • I’ll give you a tip The people I know who have never had any shots are the healthiest people I know And the same goes for dogs and cats. My dogs when I was breeding lived on average twice the normal life span of vaccinated dogs.

  3. why would the goverment be telling us NOT to get a shot unless they were part of the depopulationist agendas AKE1%`SS^^^$$$

  4. YescFaucisc a liar Fauci paid to promote both covid and the vaccine and the proof is publicly available. Fauci is guilty.

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