Dolly Parton Slams Black Lives Matter With Just 4 Words

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Dolly Parton slams Black Lives Matter

A rather shocked Dolly Parton has been forced to fight back after a Black Lives Matter race-baiter tried to shut down ‘Dixie Stampede.’

Aisha Harris, a Black Lives Matter “activist” who vowed to ruin Dolly Parton for good, went to extraordinary lengths to sabotage the country legend’s theme parks, saying that “as a daughter of the old South,” Parton needs to be shut down.

According to Ms. Harris — Dolly is “too American.” reports: Harris already wrote one attack piece in Slate Magazine in which she said, “At Dolly Parton’s Civil War-themed dinner theater, there’s violence on many sides,” and exaggerated what was a lighthearted take on the rivalry between the North and the South.

The BLM activist was even further intrigued that the theater had two sides, with each guest picking to sit either with the North or the South, something that she thought was a perfect opportunity to criticize. Despite her zeal to find any signs that Parton and her theme park was racist or harboring “white supremacist” tendencies, she failed to find anything to condemn.

The only thing that Harris found in her racially motivated witch hunt was that the Northerner’s restroom placard was of dark wood, and the Southerner’s was made of light wood. This, to her, was a clear sign of racism.

“I did at least have time to run to the bathroom – a necessity after three and a half hours of sucking down lemonade by the bootful. This seemed like it could be a nice break, but when I got there, I stumbled upon this: ‘Southerners Only’ on a light-colored placard and ‘Northerners Only’ on a dark-colored placard. This was, at best, horrifyingly tone-deaf,” Harris said, according to Slate.

Of course, this is absolutely ridiculous. It goes to show just how racially motivated and desperate the Left is to find anything that they can link to racism to try and bring Parton down – despite the fact she has done nothing wrong.

While accepting her award at the Academy of Country Music Honors this week, Parton invited Americans to revisit the Smoky Mountains, for which she raised $9 million after it was destroyed by wildfire. Her diligence in helping rebuild her home town certainly didn’t reflect notions of racism or white supremacy.

First came the Confederate statues, now comes Dolly Parton’s theme park. What will be the next target for these racially motivated agitators? When will they ever have enough?

Thankfully, Dolly Parton isn’t the type of woman who will just let this slide. The last act of “Dixie Stampede” sums up the truth of the matter with these words in the show’s finale: “We are all Americans.”

It doesn’t take long to find the truth about the issue, as Harris says, “Dolly Parton is right about one thing: Dixie Stampede is as American as America gets.” There we have it. For those on the Left, the problem with events such as these, Confederate statues, etc., is that they bring a sense of patriotism for this country – a country they seemingly don’t like and want to change to suit their ideology.

It’s great to see when real Americans stand up to these anti-American protesters and refuse to give in to their intimidation. Hopefully, Americans will become more aware of the Left’s divisive rhetoric, and the nation can eliminate it with unity.


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  2. Dollywood is a THEME Park. If you go to a Medieval Times theme restaurant, you can choose which side you want to root for during the joust. This is the same concept. This BLM imbecile is grasping at straws. Stop giving this insanity ANY airtime.

  3. BLM are racist, violent thugs who want the police killed and who shout no justice, no peace.
    What a bunch of hypocrites.

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