Putin: The USSR Won World War 2

Fact checked
Putin reminds the world that the USSR won world war 2

In this video clip, Russian President Vladimir Putin reaffirms how it was the USSR, and not Britain or the US, who won World War 2. 

In anticipation of Victory Day this May 9th, 2017, it is worth revisiting the subject of WWII and the West’s attempt to downplay the role the Soviet Union played in the Great Patriotic War – in which 27 million Soviet soldiers and civilians died.

Fort-russ.com reports:

On a personal level, it is 3 of my great-grandfathers killed in battle, and 1 who made it from Siberia to Berlin, and home to tell the story. One out of four family members – and this is standard for each Russian/Soviet family.

In this clip, Vladimir Putin addresses an assembly in Belgrade in 2014, an anniversary date for the liberation of Belgrade. He states that it is the USSR and the Yugoslavian forces that offered the most resistance to Hitler’s Germany; no historical manipulation can be entered into.

It is also trendy nowadays to dismiss the destructive role Nazism had on the European continent, linking Hitler to fighting against ‘international Jewish banksters’, ‘subspecies’ and ‘the cabal.’ In reality, nobody in history of humanity destroyed more ‘white’ Europeans than Hitler’s Germany. At that point in time, the Soviet Union’s casualties amounted to almost ¼ of the world’s population as a whole. Every Russian city today has a monument or an eternal fire to the Great Patriotic War, with the names of the deceased printed for eternity.

Today, in April 2017, preparations for the 2017 Parade are taking place in Moscow. Are you coming?


  1. Those not in deep state will know this is the truth what Putin had just said. In fact, it was Russia who helped and won twice in both WW1 and WW2! Kudos to Putin for daring to tell the truth.

  2. Russia saved the west’ ass..plain and simple.. Only for Russia we would all be speaking german now….

  3. Tell that to the 20 million dead Russians. Congrats you guys won! Nobody wins a war, what are you guys in kindergarten?!?! Nonsense all of it.

  4. Still think the Nazi were never defeated, they just moved their base of operations to the USA military industrial complex.

  5. ”At that point in time, the Soviet Union’s casualties amounted to almost ¼ of the world’s population as a whole.”

    Bull $h;+!

    Earths population in 1945 was 2,300,000,000 (2.3 Billion) So in order for that to be true the USSR would have had to had 575,000,000 (575 million) casualties during the war. The USSR ended up at wars end with about the same number of people that it had at the beginning of the war. They estimate 20,000,000 died but by the end of the war they had annexed territory that contained about the same number of people. That would then mean that they had 555,000,000 wounded during the war. Impossible.

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