North Korea On Lock Down Amid ‘Imminent’ US Missile Attack

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North Korea on lockdown amid threat of missile attack from US

North Korea are bracing themselves for an imminent missile attack from the US which looks set to wipe out their military bases. 

Kim Jong-un has ordered a complete lockdown in the country, with military forces building walls to protect the country from a potential Tomahawk missile attack which they say will be launched from the US Navy ship based in the Sea of Japan.

The Daily Star reports: US forces are lingering off the Korean Peninsula as tensions boil over the tyrant’s repeated missile tests and talk of nuclear weapons.

North Korea warned its missiles can now strike the US mainland as it threatened “hundreds of millions” of Americans would die if conflict comes.

Kim’s preparations reportedly come amid fears the US President Donald Trump could blitz him in the same manner as Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.

50 missiles were launched from warships in the Med to crush an airbase in Syria after Assad was accused of using chemical weapons on his own people.

North Korea is understood to fear the same fate as they take action to protect airbases and key military strongholds, reports Asia Press.

“North Korea seems to be very aware of the US attack on Syria,” said Jiro Ishimaru, North Korea expert at the publication.

He added the outlet’s North Korean source claimed Pyongyang was taking specific “preparation against cruise missiles”.

The USS Carl Vinson battle group is on an indefinite mission in the Sea of Japan supported by second aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan.

Last weekend, the DPRK test-fired a missile called the Hwasong-12 which they said was a “new” type of weapon capable of carrying on a nuclear warhead.

North Korea’s state media claimed the missile launch was a “grave warning to the US” and promised Kim’s arsenal now has the “powerful means for an annihilating retaliatory strike”.

The rogue state continues to threaten – but has yet to deliver on – plans to detonate its sixth nuclear bomb.


  1. Rogue is a rouge…lol… The little fat kid has as much right to attack america as anybody else..and lets face it..the yanks have a very very lot waiting in line to nuke them…

  2. I love this post…
    The author, not quite unlike the liberal media, has since been proven utterly wrong in almost every facet lol wow

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