Fauci and Jill Biden Greeted With Loud Boos and Chants of ‘Fire Fauci’ in New York

Fact checked
Jill Biden and Dr. Fauci greeted with boos in New York

Jill Biden and Dr. Tony Fauci were left reeling after huge crowds booed loudly and chanted “fire Fauci” during a trip to Harlem, New York on Sunday.

The New Yorkers screamed at the pair as the car arrived: “Fauci you got your talking points from the CCP.”

They also chanted in unison: “Fire Fauci.  Fire Fauci. Fire Fauci.”

Both Fauci and Biden were NOT happy with this.



  1. If it was Olde Englande ,they would have had buckets of human waste dumped out of windows on them and dead cats flung at them

  2. The CIA and the likes of Fraudchi can’t get away with this and walk the planet free and clear. They damaged our country and killed people with their little operation. They must pay.

  3. The motorcade was completely oblivious to the people. Just like the Biden administration.

  4. Faucis spent 81 or 181 billion on ” batty research ” projects All tax payers money and laundered ” tax deductible double dipping criminal corporation ” donations ” .Any way its NOT the millions they pretend.

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