Turkey Considering Law Allowing Pedophiles to Avoid Jail by Marrying Their Child Victims

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Turkey considering law that will allow pedophiles to marry their victims and avoid prosecution

Politicians in Turkey are considering a new “marry your rapist” bill that would allow pedophiles to escape jail by marrying their child victims.

The shocking new law will be presented to the Turkish parliament later this month. If passed, it will allow men accused of abusing children under the legal age of consent to have rape charges dropped if they marry their victims.

Critics of the proposed law argue that it legitimizes statutory rape and child abuse.

Nationalfile.com reports: The UN has said that the law would legalize child rape and leave vulnerable people at the mercy of their tormentors.

Politicians debating against the bill have said that it would lead to victims marrying people against their will.

The Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) is urging the government to abandon the bill, according to The Daily Mail.

A similar piece of legislation in 2016 was shot down after causing an international outrage.

In 2017, Turkey passed a new law permitting Muftis to carry out civil marriage ceremonies.

Turkey’s secular constitution was said to be undermined by the controversial law and accused of creating an opportunity for an increase in child brides.

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