John Kerry to Jobless Oil and Gas Workers: ‘Go Make Solar Panels’

Fact checked
John Kerry tells oil and gas workers to go install solar panels for a living instead

John Kerry has a message to oil and gas workers losing their jobs: learn how to make solar panels – FOOLS!

Kerry, Biden’s Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, made the cruel remarks during a Wednesday press briefing.

His remarks comes after Biden slashed thousands of jobs within the first 24 hours of setting foot in the White House. Biden has effectively waged a war on the energy business, promising to stop new oil and gas leases on federal lands. reports: But fear not because John Kerry, who has done nothing but lie, cheat and grift his entire life is here to save the day.

Kerry is the perfect person to be in charge of reducing carbon emissions since he owns several mansions, a mega yacht and flies in private jets.

John Kerry was asked what his message would be to oil and gas workers who “see an end to their livelihoods” because of Joe Biden’s war on energy.

“What President Biden wants to do is make sure that those folks have better choices… That they can be the people to go to work to make the solar panels.”



  1. What a lying pos As if he doesnt know theyte all made in china and America can’t compete Disgusting turf.Typical of the sort of absolute utter total complete bulldust they toss about in public . Beneath even contempt .

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