Scotland Yard to examine ‘illegal’ G4S Guantanamo Bay involvement

Fact checked by The People's Voice Community

“Kevin Lo, one of Reprieve’s investigators, said: “It is a scandal that, while British resident Shaker Aamer still languishes at Guantanamo, G4S has been seeking to profit from the sale of a contract that supports the abuses he and others suffer daily. No British firm should be profiting from a prison that ministers have rightly called a ‘shocking affront to the principles of democracy’. The authorities in the UK must hold G4S to account for its actions.”

“The British security company G4S has been reported to police over its involvement with Guantanamo Bay, the US naval base which contains the notorious prison for terrorism suspects.

Detectives at Scotland Yard have been asked to examine whether the firm may have acted illegally in fulfilling the terms of a £70m contract it won last August to service the Cuban base, which currently houses 127 inmates not charged with any offence.

A complaint lodged with police by the human-rights group Reprieve alleges that G4S may be liable for prosecution in Britain under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 if it has profited from human-rights abuses at the prison, such as the use of force-feeding techniques.”

Amnesty International has also called for a full investigation into the UK security group’s involvement in Guantanamo.

G4S has since sold off its US arm, G4S Government Solutions, to an undisclosed buyer for $135m (£89m), but this does not mean that G4S can simply wash it’s hand of the blood from abuses of its past because this may amount to the transfer of criminal property. Not only did they act immorally and unethically, they may have acted criminally.

A G4S spokesperson said: “We do not believe there are any grounds for such a complaint to be made or upheld. The company is no longer part of the G4S group.”