VIDEO: Canadian Candidate “Fist Bumps” Alien, Slays Dragons In Campaign Ad

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Have politics become such a joke that politicians have decided to stop pretending?  Such would seem the case with Canadian politician Wyatt Scott, who is running for Parliament.

While in America, Donald Trump may be laughed at for his recent political antics, Canadian Wyatt Scott takes the word “ridiculous” to new levels with his new campaign ad.

In the commercial, he slays a dragon, rides a Canadian goose, and fist bumps an alien.

While some love the political ad, others have their reservations.

Reuters explains:

Scott, an independent who is running to represent a region of rural British Columbia in the Oct. 19 vote, posted the attention-grabbing video on YouTube in mid-June, but it went viral this week after being shared widely in online forums.

“I’m here to fight for Canada,” Scott proclaims in the special-effect-heavy clip, jumping from the back of a giant Canada goose to stab a dragon through its head.

The Huffington Post Canada’s Mohamed Omar has declared the race for Canadian Parliament over.  Omar gushes over the ad, giving a lengthy play-by-play:

Yeah, voting day is still more than two months away and Scott is an Independent candidate, but his campaign video oozes the greatness required to lead this beautiful country.

“Hey I’m Wyatt Scott and I’m running for Parliament for the new riding of Mission Matsqui Fraser Canyon,” he says as he RIDES A SOARING CANADA GOOSE.


“I’m an Independent candidate and I’m here to fight for Canada,” says Scott as he UNSHEATHES A SWORD AND LANDS INTO A DRAGON’S HEAD.

"I'm an Independent candidate and I'm here to fight for Canada," says Scott as he UNSHEATHES A SWORD AND LANDS INTO A DRAGON'S HEAD.

“Change is coming to Canada and I’m here to lead that charge. Are you ready for the shift?” Scott asks as he GROWS A BEARD IN FRONT OF YOUR UNDECIDED-VOTER EYES.


Scott told HuffPost Canada that the video was designed to catch attention, and was shot in a day with a crew of student filmmakers. 

And were they all, um, sober while making the video?

“Oh absolutely. Absolutely,” Scott said.

You can watch the full commercial below.  But, the entire political scene this year is getting more and more outrageous.  Do you feel democracy is being diluted by ads like this – or are they just trying to keep up with an ever-changing global atmosphere?

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