VIDEO: Bizarre Mass Grave of Brutally Murdered Cavemen Found

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Archeologists often find mass graves that are surrounded in mystery.  We recently reported on a mass grave found in England that contained victims from the Great Plague.

This month, another mass grave was discovered by researchers.  This grave, containing the remains of 26 Neolithic individuals (or prehistoric “cave men”) puzzles researchers due to the fact that the victims appear to have been tortured and brutally beaten.

GeoBeats News explains: People are capable of committing unspeakably brutal acts, and based on a prehistoric mass grave uncovered by scientists, that’s been the reality for a very long time.

The site, dating between about 5200 and 4850 BC was discovered near what is now Frankfurt, Germany.

Why This Mass Grave Is Different

Excavations yielded the remains of 26 Neolithic individuals who appear to have been tortured and killed.

Among them, adults and children were represented in equal proportions.

The implement used to take their lives is believed to be a tool widely used at the time.

Also observed was that the victims’ lower legs were broken, possibly in attempt to keep them from running to safety.

Notably, there were no teenagers found, suggesting that they either did manage to escape or were abducted by the invaders.

Why the conflict broke out is unclear, but it probably had something to do with drought, unsuccessful farming, and food shortages.

While hunters and gatherers typically just moved elsewhere when resources became scarce or the neighbors turned violent, the more settled people of the time were often reluctant to relocate.

Further theorized is that killers believed their victims had a hand in the crop failures, possibly through witchcraft.

The video below examines this strange case further: