London’s Great Plague Burial Grounds Discovered – VIDEO

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the great plague

London’s massive Crossrail project has had many incredible finds, and the latest is a burial pit they believe to contain the remains of victims of The Great Plague.

GeoBeats News reports:

The latest is a massive burial pit unearthed in the Bedlam cemetery believed to contain 30 victims of the Great Plague.

That particular outbreak of the bubonic plague occurred between 1665 and 1666, claiming 100,000 lives, or nearly a quarter of the city’s population.

At the site, workers found several clues indicating the sickness was the cause of death for those laid to rest.

Among the most telling was a gravestone marked 1665.
Further evidence was gleaned from an assessment of the bodies contained within.

It was observed that the remains were all placed in the earth at the same time.

The lead archaeologist for the Crossrail said, “This mass burial, so different to the other individual burials found in the Bedlam cemetery, is very likely a reaction to a catastrophic event.”

Further study will determine if those inside did, indeed, suffer from the disease or if it was a different sort of pestilence that claimed their lives.

If it is determined that they were victims of the epidemic, their remains will be studied to gain insights on how the plague progressed.

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