Sweden’s Leftist PM Admits Multiculturalism Has Failed After Migrant Gangs Riot Over Easter Weekend

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Multiculturalism has failed in Sweden due to the nation’s inability to properly integrate huge numbers of migrants, according to left-wing Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson, who has admitted “intense immigration” has led to the creation of parallel societies and gang violence

Andersson made the comments in the aftermath of nationwide violence and riots by migrant gangs over the Easter weekend that left a hundred police officers wounded.

Sweden’s approach to Islamic extremism and its failings in accommodating large numbers of migrants is the primary cause of the disorder, according to the Prime Minister.

Segregation has gone so far that we have parallel societies in Sweden. We live in the same country, but different realities,” said Andersson.

Integration was poor, and alongside, we have experienced intense immigration. Our society was too weak, while money for the police and social services too little,” she added. Summit reports:

German media outlets responded to violent riots in Sweden mainly involving Muslim migrants by claiming the unrest occurred as a result of “right-wing demos.”

Law enforcement were overwhelmed by the scale of the Swedish riots, with one hundred police officers wounded by migrant gangs

Ukrainian refugees also expressed the desire to avoid being sent to Sweden, feeling that it was too unsafe.

Having been one of the safest countries in Europe 20 years ago before mass uncontrolled immigration, Sweden is now the continent’s second most dangerous in terms of gun crime behind only Croatia.

Last year, Germany’s Bild newspaper ran the headline: ‘Sweden is the most dangerous country in Europe.’

Shootings in Sweden hit a record high last year as authorities are increasingly unable to contain migrant gang crime. There were 46 homicides committed in 335 shootings across the country, with most of them occurring in the migrant hotspots of Malmö, Gothenburg, and Stockholm.

Swedish residents born in another country have doubled to 2 million in the last two decades, and immigrants now represent one-fifth of all people living in this Scandinavian country, a far higher rate than neighboring countries like Finland, Norway, and Denmark, which have all taken a harder line against immigration,” reports RMX News.

For the past 40 years, the prime minister’s social democrats have been in power for 28 years, including the last eight.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Also known as karma. Sweden funded the organisation that bombed innocent civilians in South Africa, killing and maiming hundreds of civilians. Then they hand out peace prizes, go figure.

  2. Sweden’s answer? Join NATO and help destroy and maim more poor countries and peoples. Ergo; more mass migrations.

  3. How do you run a country effectively if you’re too incompetent to understand that allowing radicals with a circa 7th century mentality into your country is a disaster waiting to happen?

  4. “Multiculturalism has failed in Sweden due to the nation’s inability to properly integrate huge numbers of migrants”
    More like “migrants” (illegals) refuse to properly integrate into the host country of Sweden. Since when do the
    inhabitants of a country have to conform to the “standards” of the immigrants who move there? It should be, and
    always has been, the other way around. No wonder it isn’t working. Sweden had a very high standard of living,
    100% literacy, everyone spoke several languages and they are great at engineering, education, etc. Sadly, the
    govt went leftist/socialist a long time ago and now they are reaping the results. Very sad.

    • While I agree Sweden was overrun. Migrants have not always adhered to the standards of the host country. in fact, almost never.

      Here in the u.s. european “immigrants” did not integrate with native Americans. no, instead the europeans took the land, killed the natives, segregated them into “reservations” and committed genocide.

  5. Multi cultural ism s intentions were are to destroy the existing order by creating chaos. Simple as. And all the do gooders talking about it being about creating rainbows were daydreaming. But the main objective was to destroy MIDDLE EASTERN culture TOTALLY. Simply by deporting them Scattering them to the 4 corners of the globe as a divided and weakened people, led into crime and disorder,.

  6. When will the Left wake up. Every policy they have advanced over the last 50 years has been wrong. The massive importation of people of different ethnicity, religion and social values into modern free-thinking Western countries was a deliberate ploy to destroy those countries’ identity and make them more receptive to accepting One-World Government. To Hell with the UN!!

  7. Sweden have not only doubled to 2 million inhabitants in the last two decades by immigration, there are about 700.000 people that are here illegal, and they get free social benefits, like health care. Crazy!

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