Democrat Tulsi Gabbard Admits Ballot Harvesting Is ‘Ripe For Fraud’ and Must Be Banned

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The highest levels of the U.S. government are actively covering up the truth about the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, according to Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) who says the American people "deserve all the information on 9/11."

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) admitted Monday that Project Veritas’ recent videos alleging a ballot harvesting scheme in Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Minneapolis were “further evidence of the need to ban ballot harvesting” in elections in order to protect “our sacred right to vote.

Rep. Gabbard’s remarks come after the Minneapolis Police Department announced Monday afternoon that it was “looking into” and evaluating “allegations of voter fraud,” following the release of the first set of bombshell videos posted by Project Veritas.

Congress needs to pass our bipartisan bill to ban ballot harvesting so no one can exploit our sacred right to vote,” Gabbard wrote on Twitter, later adding: “Project Veritas offers further evidence of the need to ban ballot harvesting. It’s not a partisan issue. It’s been abused to help both R & D candidates, including in North Carolina & California. Please help by telling your congressional rep to pass our bipartisan bill HR8285.”

DailyWire report: In making the remarks on Twitter, Gabbard also shared a video that she made over a week ago where she announced that she introduced a bipartisan bill in the House of Representatives to ban ballot harvesting.

Hey, everybody, we’re getting closer and closer to election day now, and it is critical to remember that the strength of our democracy lies in the integrity of our elections, that every one of us has to have faith that our vote will count,” Gabbard says as the video begins.

But right now, there are still many states in our country that allow for something called ballot harvesting. This is a system that allows for third parties to collect and deliver ballots for other people, potentially large numbers of people. Unfortunately, ballot harvesting has allowed for fraud and abuse to occur by those who could tamper with or discard ballots to try to sway an election for or against a certain candidate or party.

Now, our vote is our voice. So whether in the midst of a pandemic, as we are now, where mail-in voting is likely to drastically increase, or even in a normal election, no one, no one should get in between a voter and the ballot box,” Gabbard continued.

Now, while some states have prohibited vote harvesting or ballot harvesting, many have not, which again allows for abuse from third parties collecting and mishandling ballots. This is something that we’ve actually seen happen in recent elections.

Now to protect the integrity of our vote in our elections, I’ve introduced legislation called the Election Fraud Prevention Act with my friend Representative Rodney Davis,” Gabbard concluded.

Our bipartisan bill protects the chain of custody for every one of our ballots by prohibiting funding from going to states that allow this practice of ballot harvesting to occur. This bill will actually encourage states to stop this practice that’s ripe for fraud, and that poses a serious threat to the integrity of our elections. And we urge our leaders in Congress to take up this legislation quickly to support and ensure the integrity of our elections.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. The right to vote isnt sacred. Democracy isnt a cult or a religion its an idea attempting to remove class boundaries and create equality .Its a form of communism really .Thats not sacred And its not natural or normal People arent equal .Some can sing some can dance some can talk or write or paint or teach or nurse or kill .Everyones different and equality is a myth perpetuated by the ruling class to manage the mob .Corruption is standard operation for them in maintaining the upper hand in the class war of the minority deceiving the majority for their own power and profit .And its always been the same. Theyre creative and adaptable to changes made to thwart their totalitarain agendas because they rule the law .

    • Republicans arent all honest either .At all .And rhere has been good and bad in both parties and they
      all have made good and bad decisions too .We all , everyone does Its what makes us human .And just because she admits something they all know everyone understands is true ,doesnt necessarily make her truthful either It could but it could just as easily make her conniving

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