Trump To Probe Claims That Big Tech Is Censoring Alt. Media

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Trump to probe social media giants' censorship of alt. media

President Trump has begun an initial probe into claims that Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google are censoring independent, alternative and Conservative media outlets.  

Trump has agreed to meet Big Tech entrepreneur Peter Thiel, who is likely to explain to the President how the purge and demonetization of dissenting voices on social media represents a real danger to free speech in America.

From The Daily Mail:

President Trump is having dinner Tuesday night with his biggest Silicon Valley backer, Peter Thiel, has confirmed.

The dinner, a source close to Thiel said, will be a strategy session on how the president might be able to regulate Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Google.

…A source told that at least one other guest is expected to attend the dinner.

The group will also discuss government IT security. reports: Those are the only details they’ve given so far, but Peter Thiel is a smart guy and I have no doubt he knows what’s going on.

A recent report from Axios said Trump was “obsessed with Amazon” but liked Facebook.

“Trump told Axios last year he doesn’t mind Facebook because it helps him reach his audience. He’s an old-school businessman who sees the world in terms of tangible assets: real estate, physical mail delivery, Main Street, grocery stores. It reminds me of the story Jim wrote a while back about Trump’s fixation with 1950s life. Amazon takes direct aim at some of the core components of mid-century business.”

It’s not the best timing considering some crazy Iranian-Turk just shot up YouTube’s headquarters while whining about her stupid pornographic videos being demonetized, but these are real issues which are not going away as long as they keep this censorship regime up.


  1. “some crazy Iranian-Turk just shot up YouTube’s headquarters while whining about her stupid pornographic videos being demonetized”
    Seems the author knows exactly nothing about events at You Tube, so here’s the scoop: lots of folks with YT channels are trying to provide real news and truth to the public. They are being censored, demonitized etc and that is money that they EARNED. They made and own those videos but YT is not living up to its contract and is withholdingTENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FROM HUNDREDS, POSSIBLY THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE.
    Why do you think she was angry with YT? Lots of other people are as well and rightfuly so. They put alot of work into developing their business only to have it all stolen from them. Sorry the author is such an ignoramus who refuses to do their research properly, as any journalist SHOULD.

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