North Korea: Disastrous Final Doom For U.S.

Fact checked

North Korea have threatened the U.S. with the “most disastrous final doom on its mainland,” warning “the time of the nightmare” is coming soon.

The North Korean State Television broadcast its warning to the U.S. whilst boasting about its nuclear and cyber warfare capabilities. The newsreader said, “It is our firm resolution to counteract through our own nuclear strikes [if the United States] provokes a nuclear war [against North Korea), and bring the U.S. to an early demise with our own pre-eminent cyberwarfare if the U.S. tries to bring us down through a cyberattack.”

“The U.S. had better know clearly that our means in ground, naval, underwater, air and cyberwarfare, including nuclear strike capability, which are miniaturized, precise and diversified, will be used by our people and army who display the strongest mental power and indomitable ideology and Juche-oriented [self-reliance] strategy and tactics and unique war methods are unprecedented in the human history of wars, which the gangster-like U.S. imperialists can never think of or imitate.”