Dr. Fauci: ‘Tucker Carlson Is Literally Killing People When He Criticises Me’

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Dr Fauci claims Tucker Carlson is killing people whenever he criticizes him

Dr. Anthony Fauci has slammed Fox News host Tucker Carlson for daring to criticise him, warning that such criticisms are “killing people.”

During his Fox News Show, Tucker Carlson said, “[Fauci] decided to unilaterally end Christmas.”

During an OAN interview, former Trump administration advisor Peter Navarro said, “We want to take Fauci down and put him in an orange jumpsuit.”

Responding to the criticism, Fauci said: “I’m not in it for a popularity contest. I have devoted my entire professional career of 50 years to try and safeguard and preserve the health and lives of the American people. As an infectious disease doctor who deals with outbreaks, that gets extended to the rest of the world. That’s what I do. The praise or the arrows and slings are really irrelevant. I do what science drives you to do, and that’s what I do. I’m not in it for a popularity contest. I’m trying to save lives. The people who weaponize lies are killing people. So the only question I have is that when you show Tucker Carlson and Peter Navarro criticizing me, I consider that a badge of honor.”

He added, “I just wanted to make that statement. People throw up those people that make ridiculous statements. They’re telling people to do things that they’re going to die from and telling me I should go to jail. As they say in my old neighborhood in Brooklyn, give me a break.”



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